Get a YA Literary Agent

Find the right agent for your book and write a query that will get the deal done

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  • Discussions Mondays 8-9pm ET, 2 sessions full schedule

Finding the right literary agent is more important than ever. If you're working on a Young Adult novel, now's the time to start doing some research and drafting your queries. In this two-week workshop, expert literary agent Molly Jaffa will teach you how to find the right agent for your book, how to pitch your idea and manuscript, and how to handle “the call” when an agent offers representation or asks to see a revision. The class will also include discussions on social media use, how to get involved in the YA community, and how to navigate the agent-author relationship when you’ve found the right match.

In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Distill your novels concept into a concise pitch, including finding titles that are comparable to yours
  • Find agents who are looking for novels like yours
  • Write and submit query letters
  • Ask the necessary questions when an agent offers representation
  • Understand standard author/agent agreement terms
  • Navigate the online YA community

By the end of class, you will have:

A completed query letter and the tools to find the best agent for your work.

Molly Jaffa has been working closely with Folio authors’ projects since 2008. In addition to building her selective but growing list of clients, Molly utilizes her editorial background, previous work experience in the e-publishing industry, and intimate knowledge of the Folio list in her position as Folio’s Co-Director of International Rights. She actively pursues sales of international and audio rights and attends all major international book fairs, helping Folio clients’ books reach wide audiences in as many formats as possible. Her clients include Lana Krumwiede (FREAKLING, Candlewick, October 2012, and ARCHON, Fall 2013), Julie Murphy (SIDE EFFECTS MAY VARY, HarperCollins/Balzer & Bray, 2014), Jeramey Kraatz (THE CLOAK SOCIETY), Helene Dunbar (THESE GENTLE WOUNDS), Bryan Chick (THE SECRET ZOO), and Kristen Lippert-Martin (TABULA RASA, Egmont, 2014). You can follow her on Twitter @molly_jaffa and read her blog at

  • "Molly Jaffa gave me the tools I needed to create a strong query letter and to hone my first pages. After struggling with these two things for months, I finally have the confidence to send materials to my favorite agents. I now know if I receive rejections, my project doesn't work for them rather than my query or first pages weren't crafted on a professional level. I so appreciated Molly's clear, usable information, encouragement, and eminently helpful feedback."

    Patricia Wilkinson