Grammar: Advanced

Understand style, tone, structure and form at the sentence level

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  • Discussions Mondays 8-9pm ET, 4 sessions full schedule

Learn how to easily spot and fix problems as they exist in your professional and personal writing.

By generating in-class writing samples and editing them, you'll learn how to proofread and edit your own work. We'll also study advanced proofreading techniques and learn how to develop checklists that ensure your work is error free, every time.

In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Identify and replace weak verbs
  • Eliminate unnecessary wordiness at the sentence level
  • Write graceful comparisons
  • Understand nominalizations and how to root them out
  • Avoid the passive voice

By the end of class, you will have:

The ability to unpack grammar issues at the sentence level.

Admission requirements:

This class is designed for students who have completed Grammar and Punctuation or have proven writing and editing experience. Please apply with a letter of interest outlining your work experience.

John Hogan is a freelance writer, editor, and copy editor. He began working as a copy editor in 1994, and since then, he has worked for a diverse range of publications, including TV Guide, Mental Floss, Seventeen, The Knot, Fitness, Midrange Computing, and several others. He was also formerly the editor-in-chief of Pages magazine and has worked as a ghostwriter. He lives in New York City.

  • "I highly recommend John Hogan's course. Every session was well prepared with Power Point presentations and his own commentary on advanced grammar. He explained some very thorny problems clearly and concisely. The class was given every opportunity to ask questions, both in class and through the website. His manner is pleasant and helpful. I felt as if I was a valued member of his class. He is deeply knowledgeable about his subject and succeeds in communicating his respect and love for the English language. I enjoyed his class very much indeed and came away with deeper knowledge and understanding."

    Caroline Carter