Infographics and Data Visualization

Use visual storytelling to engage an audience in your brand's mission

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  • Discussions Tuesdays 8-9pm ET, 4 sessions full schedule

The web loves infographics and data visualization -- it’s one of the most powerful ways to get noticed on the social web and tell your story compellingly. But how do you turn numbers and data points into something that will stick in the mind and get shared and retweeted? 
In this class, learn from inspiring examples of the form, as you develop a strong idea and translate that idea into a series of action steps that will help you in the design, planning, research and dissemination of your infographic.  Make your infographics a key strategy element of your content business. You'll also get a sense of website analytics, internal data, and content to build a data visualization that engages and informs.

In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Create an infographic that compels clicks and shares
  • Align your brand or mission to a compelling infographic idea
  • Approach research and plannng
  • Overhaul your company's analytics and data for compelling content
  • Understand and use the best tools -- including free ones -- to produce infographics
  • Work with a designer to execute your ideas

By the end of class, you will have:

Developed an infographic idea that spotlights your organization or business, and a plan for executing it, including your approach to design and dissemination. 

Driven by a passion for equipping brands and businesses with powerful digital tools and communications strategies, Amanda McCormick has worked with a wide variety of organizations including the New York City Ballet, the Film Society of Lincoln Center, startups Bitly and SocialFlow, Bertlesmann and Lifetime Television. She has crafted custom training programs on digital and communications topics for AOL, Comedy Central, VH1, Time Inc and many others. She blogs about the intersection of technology and branding at her blog, Jellybean Boom, and she is a frequent speaker on technology, social media and writing on the web.

  • "If you need an extra boost with your copywriting skills, this is the class to take. Amanda evaluates everyone's experience and incorporates great examples and homework to really get you thinking. Simply an amazing class!"

    Nicole Monahan

  • "Amanda brings energy, enthusiasm, and professional experience. I'd definitely take another class with her. Digital space and social networking are changing daily, so we need someone like her to help us wade through it."

    Rachel Cooperman

  • "Amanda believes in you, brainstorming to make your ideas more marketable. She also shares her experience with interesting, relevant stories that bring her lessons to life."

    Carole Lotito

  • "I was very impressed with Amanda's depth of knowledge. There was never a question she couldn't answer and she was engaging, witty, and drew everyone in. She perfectly bridged the creative and technological sides of web copywriting."

    Vanessa Read

  • "Amanda's class was engaging, informative, and practical. I came away with a wealth of knowledge I can use in everyday situations in my industry."

    Angela Havrilla

  • "I have nothing but positive things to say about Amanda! She is a great teacher and covers a lot of subject material. She is honest and fair regarding homework critiques. Her funny sense of humor makes the classes even more enjoyable. Thanks, Amanda, for a great class!"

    Michelle Snell