Alan Cross

Alan Cross
Alan Cross is a former head writer for VH1's Pop-Up Video, where he was nominated for three Emmys, and was a freelance contributor for Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update". Other credits include MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch, VH1's Name That Video, and Comedy Central's The Man Show. He has written and produced a syndicated radio program for Paul Shaffer and was a senior writer for Carson Daly.

Alan co-wrote and produced Video Shmideo, a winner at the 2007 New York TV Festival. He is the author of What Would W Do?, and his political humor has appeared in, Cracked Magazine, and Nylon for Men. He also appeared in a 2006 Superbowl ad for Sprint, a spot that Adweek called "one of the ten funniest."

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Alan is more than a teacher -- he is a motivator. Since class, I've been creating quality material at a blistering pace. His critiques are direct, comprehensive, and honest. The skills I learned will benefit me throughout my career. -- Jonathan Cohen

"Alan is a great instructor who really cares about making sure his students get what they need. I feel lucky to have taken this course." -- Christopher Finchum

"Alan is a witty and welcoming instructor who truly wants his students to get their fingers good and messy in the many different pies available to those looking to write comedy for TV." -- Paul Hagen

"Alan is great because he explains what you need to do to improve your writing and why you need to do it." -- Adam Ullian

"Alan was refreshingly easygoing, encouraging, supportive, helpful, and honest. Imagine my surprise and pleasure at seeing some of those exact headlines used in an SNL Weekend Update! Receiving timely info and seeing it come to life rocked!" -- Jennifer Anderson

"Alan gave everyone confidence. I found the class very rewarding and inspiring." -- Eric Kabakoff

"Alan is a gifted comedy writer and an equally gifted instructor. His enthusiasm is contagious! His instruction and encouragement have provided the impetus for an effective career transition." -- Matt Nelko

"Alan's brilliant sense of humor, first-hand knowledge of the industry, and unwavering support of beginners makes his class essential for those interested in writing comedy." -- Serena Schonbrun Connelly

"Alan provided excellent guidance and information that would take forever to uncover for yourself." -- John Emery

"It's one thing to impart knowledge, it's quite another to inspire passion in others. Alan is a genuinely gifted teacher." -- Russell Smith

"The assignments Alan offered and the way he used them to build on each other was quite valuable, and his advice is priceless." -- David Nieker, instructor