John Scott Lewinski

John Scott Lewinski
John Scott Lewinski writes interactive games, screenplays, books, sketch comedy, and magazine articles. His interactive writing includes contributions to the multi-million selling games LucasArts' Star Wars: Demolition, Broderbund's Riven, The Sequel to Myst, Command & Conquer II - Tiberian Sun, Command & Conquer - Red Alert, and The Journeyman Project 3, Legacy of Time. His articles on game writing and interactive industry trends appear in Amazing Stories Magazine, Animation Arena magazine, and Game Developer magazine.

John Scott is senior staff writer and a columnist for Scr(i)pt Magazine. His book Developers Guide to Computer Game Design is available from Wordware Publishing.

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The seminar was very informative and Mr. Lewinski had a solid understanding of the material. As a self-taught copywriting freelancer, it was nice to finally have some formal training. -- John Burke, copywriter/graphic designer

"I found John's presentation quite informative and interesting. As someone experienced with the trade, John was encouraging and told us that breaking into freelance copywriting is very doable. He explained the different kinds of copywriting contexts and the approaches needed for each (and the in-class brainstorming and exercises provided good lessons for these). He also discussed ethical issues that we needed to consider as copywriters. Lastly, he provided a list of websites that lists freelance opportunities, which I found helpful." -- Dennis Moran, copy editor and page designer, Santa Barbara News-Pres