Brett Leveridge

Brett Leveridge
Brett Leveridge's book, Men My Mother Dated And Other Mostly True Tales, was a finalist for the Thurber Prize for American Humor. Brett is an occasional contributor to PRI's This American Life and has offered commentaries on NPR's All Things Considered. His work has appeared in Salon, Entertainment Weekly, Oklahoma Today, and Might magazine. His essay, "See You in September," was included in the humor anthology 101 Damnations: The Humorists' Tour of Personal Hells.

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Brett not only knows his stuff, but he explains why something works and how it could be better. This class was worth every penny. -- Jeff Carmack, humor columnist,

"Brett's class taught me a new work ethic. I was able to expand my range and better tailor my pitches. The class made me a better writer and a more effective pitcher." -- Brian Eden

"Brett conveys a surprising and invigorating sense of idealism. He reminds you that even when your goal is to make money by making people laugh, you have to love what you're doing." -- Kay McFadden

"Brett's class helped me figure out what is funny in this sad, terrible world. It also showed me how to profit from all that is irritable, annoying, stupid, and just plain wrong. Now, whenever I'm miserable, I am happy. Thanks to Brett's class, I will always have the last laugh." -- Karen Dowicz Haas

"Brett taught me the intricacies of humor writing. Through this class I was better able to hone my funny and get a grasp on my voice as a writer." -- Lane Keough

"Brett's course is substantive and delightful. His knowledge of the subject, his inclusion of exemplary material, and his skill make for an energizing experience. There are no wasted moments." -- Madge McKeithen

"Brett opened up new avenues of humor writing. He helped me develop writing habits to exercise my humor muscles, as well as become comfortable performing my work. A tremendous experience." -- Nicole Christie

"This class is great opportunity for humor writers to learn from someone who knows funny and how to help make your stuff funnier." -- Craig Kenworthy

"Brett provided incredibly useful feedback that helped me a lot." -- William Mabe