Shari Goldhagen

Shari Goldhagen
Shari Goldhagen published her first novel, Family and Other Accidents, in 2006 (Doubleday). She holds an MFA from Ohio State and a journalism degree from Northwestern. A fellow of both Yaddo and MacDowell, she currently lives in New York City, where she has stalked celebrities as a reporter for magazines, including The National Enquirer, Life & Style, and Celebrity Living.

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Shari was wonderful! She was very helpful and reassuring. I loved how she was frank and utterly honest. She told us how it really is, but didn't sour us on publishing our own work. -- Nicole Yanolatos

"Shari was excellent, perceptive, and very encouraging. She had lots of specific examples from writing her own novel and novels she had read. This helped to both generate a first draft and improve on the content already there." -- Dekker Dare

"Shari was both insightful and funny while offering detailed criticism of our writing. She was also realistic and encouraging about the process. I look forward to taking another class with her." -- Anne Barthel

"Shari is great. She is very laid back and her suggestions are spot on." --Jennifer Fermino

"Shari preserved the individuality and organic nature of novel writing while at the same time presenting tried and true advice." -- Mark Decker

"Shari's class allowed me to find my voice as a writer. I would recommend this course to anyone who is seriously writing and needs a refresher or even just feedback. It was great!" -- Keisha Bush

"Shari kept the discussion moving in an organized fashion. Clearly, she has had plenty of experience because her advice was thoughtful and provoked personal inquiry." -- Ann Votaw