Adriel Bettelheim

Adriel Bettelheim
Adriel Bettelheim is White House correspondent for Congressional Quarterly, where he also oversees coverage of health care, energy, the environment, entitlement programs, and government regulation for CQ Weekly magazine. He also steers Congressional Quarterly's contributions to, a political web site jointly operated with the St. Petersburg Times that fact-checks the truthfulness of presidential candidates' claims and advertising.

As a Washington-based reporter and editor for Congressional QuarterlyThe Denver Post, Adriel has covered presidential campaigns, power shifts in Congress, Supreme Court confirmation battles, the enactment of the Patriot Act, and the overhaul of Medicare. His reporting has been recognized with a Sigma Delta Chi bronze medallion and awards from the Colorado Associated Press editors and New York State Publishers Association. He is the author of Aging in America: A to Z, a reference book about the politics surrounding aging issues.

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Adriel is an expert in the mainstream, daily news business and the congressional, as well as specialized, committee inner workings. From key political players to a changing industry, he discusses journalism and is accessible to both yeomen and more accomplished journalists. -- Kevin Spence