Multimedia Journalism

Create interactive packages with photos, audio, and video

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  • Discussions Thursdays 9-10pm ET, 4 sessions full schedule

In this class, you'll learn how to translate news stories into fascinating multimedia packages. We'll take a look at the best multimedia news stories on the web and get a feel for how photos, audio, and video can enhance the written word. You'll come up with a story you think would best be told in a multimedia format and create original content for that package including photos, slideshows, and short video and audio pieces all published on your own blog showcasing your work.

Each week's assignments are designed to advance you toward the the completion of a published multimedia package. You'll need access to an audio/voice recorder, a digital camera, the capability to record video, and a computer with enough speed and space to download some software.

In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Organize your story into a complete multimedia package
  • Shoot video for the web
  • Make an audiovisual slideshow
  • Determine where to get free and/or cheap online software to create an at-home studio
  • Build a multimedia portfolio on a blog

By the end of class, you will have:

A complete multimedia story package published on a blog showcasing your work.

Darragh Worland is a multiplatform journalist who has worked for major news media in print at Metro and the New York Sun, in television at ABC News, Reuters Video News, and NY1, and for the web at and, where she has written both news and features. As a senior multimedia producer for MSN Money, Darragh pitched, shot, and edited financial news video, wrote scripts, and coordinated charts and graphics during the financial crisis.

She helped launch the first multimedia reporting course for graduate students at NYU's Department of Journalism and runs the multimedia lab for the Local East Village blog, a collaboration between NYU and
The New York Times. Since 2011, Darragh has been the New York program manager for the News Literacy Project (NLP), bringing journalists and a curriculum of lessons to middle school and high school students to teach them to be smarter news consumers in the digital age.  

  • "Darragh is knowledgeable, approachable, and makes the class interesting and fun. Her written materials are excellent, and the accompanying instructional videos work well with them. She packs a lot of information into these materials and into the online class meetings. I came away from this class feeling like I know something about how to structure a multimedia story, and I will hold on to Darragh's directive to ask why I am using a particular medium to tell the story I'm trying to tell. That alone was valuable--something I probably already knew at some level, but didn't have words for."

    Susan Karcz

  • "Darragh provided actionable information I can directly apply to both my current job and my career in general."

    Melanie Medina

  • "This class was a great introduction to multimedia. Darragh was always interested in our projects, knew her subject well, and guided us through the maze of programs and applications."

    Jessica Robertson

  • "This is a great way to put your toes in the water of multimedia journalism. You'll learn programs to build your multimedia journalism toolbelt. Darragh is well-informed, thorough, helpful, and friendly."

    Sehnita Joshua Mattison

  • "Darragh is a gifted teacher who is very giving of both her time and expertise. This was a truly wonderful class."

    Susan McLennan

  • "Darragh is an excellent instructor. She has great advice to offer any journalist trying their hand at multimedia. Her knowledge and real life experience offer an enriching and supportive environment."

    Brenda Porter-Rockwell

  • "Darragh is an experienced multimedia instructor who provides a balanced introduction to a challenging process. She was available with help and suggestions every step of the way."

    Joe Cox

  • "Darragh's class was the first online course I'd ever taken and I was a bit nervous. Would I learn as much as I could in-person? Would it be worth the time and money? I can unreservedly say, yes, yes, and yes! The scope of the content and the instructor's level of engagement and responsiveness was fantastic. I completed the class with a finished multimedia piece and tons of tangible skills."

    Brooke ONeill

  • "Darragh was knowledgeable and approachable. She kept the course and us moving with hands on work that allowed me to practice skills that in the past had intimidated me. I appreciated her depth of understanding of journalism as a whole and of multimedia storytelling."

    Elizabeth Carvlin Fuesel