One-on-One Training

Work directly with our instructors to get expert feedback and fine-tune your project

Your time is valuable. With Mediabistro's one-on-one training, the instructor’s focus is on you, and he or she will adapt to fit your pace and learning style. Your specific needs will be addressed, and instruction will be based on your own projects and goals. As a one-on-one student, you will work directly with the Mediabistro instructor of your choice to focus on a personal or professional project, get in-depth knowledge and practice on specific topics, and receive targeted feedback and guidance. All programs will be carefully customized to fit your needs.

Whether you’d like to meet in-person, over the phone, or online, Mediabistro will help you every step of the way. Our one-on-one training is contracted between the student and instructor, and we serve as the liason, ensuring that the process runs smoothly. Sessions cost $125/hour, and we ask for an agreed-upon number of hours prior to the start of training. Students can always add more hours through Mediabistro as needed.

Popular one-on-one training topics include:

  • Nonfiction book proposal writing and submission
  • Copyediting training
  • Manuscript preparation
  • Small business social media strategy and tactics
  • Project management consultation

To begin your one-on-one training process, please email with the following information

  • A brief synopsis of your project or the subject matter you need to learn
  • The type of professional you’d like to work with (i.e. an editor, agent, consultant)
  • Tentative time commitment and time frame
  • Additional questions

We will then send you a list of potential instructors. You can see all our Mediabistro instructors here.

If you’re interested in group training, please visit our group training site here.