Online Marketing: Advanced

Leverage a multi-faceted digital marketing campaign in this intensive online workshop

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  • Discussions Wednesdays 8-9pm ET, 6 sessions full schedule

Marketing is part art, part science. For a digital marketer, success depends on an awareness of analytics, search engine marketing, display advertising, and mobile. But once an adeptness with tools is in place, marketing becomes an art, balancing the use of available online tools to create a strategy that achieves measureable results.

In this intensive course, designed for marketing professionals, we'll review how to develop a multi-faceted digital campaign from start to finish. Class will operate like a workshop, with each student setting their own strategic campaign goals and outlining components of a strategy to achieve them.

In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Create a digital marketing plan, from start to finish
  • Set strategic goals based on past online marketing campaigns
  • Identify your marketing budget and adapt your strategy accordingly
  • Identify your top performance channels using analytics
  • Audit your completed strategy for your next campaign

By the end of class, you will have:

An outline for a multi-faceted brand campaign and an understanding of how to use digital marketing to drive sales or engagement for your company or organization.

Admission requirements:

Students should have a least one year of marketing experience, or have completed our Online Marketing course. Apply with a note to explain your interest in this topic and a brief work history with details about your marketing experience.

Grace Mangum is the GM Digital for Source Media, where she is responsible for the digital strategy, product development, and marketing of 13 of the company's 28 brands. She is a Webby Award-winning digital strategist and marketing executive with experience in digital program, product and content development, editorial, and integrated marketing strategies. Grace has developed digital strategies, marketing programs, campaigns and products for Lifetime Television, IFC (Independent Film Channel), BBC America, and The New York Observer.

  • "Grace Mangum was a fantastic instructor. She's extremely knowledgeable, and also had a witty, fun sense of humor that kept everyone engaged. There was a realm of levels of expertise among students, and she was able to explain complicated concepts in a simple way that was easy for us all to understand. I'd highly recommend her as a teacher!"

    Amy Goldberg

  • "I loved how Grace would explain a technique/technology/approach and then show how it works in internet marketing. She engages her students in lively discussions, which really helped us grasp the knowledge she is sharing."

    Sherry Bloom

  • "Grace covered a lot of material, but made sure we comprehended topics before moving on. She also made a point to understand our individual objectives for taking the class and gave us guidance on tactics tailored to our specific industries. I look forward to taking another class with Grace."

    Kimberly Connolly

  • "I am not very technically minded, and I was worried I wouldn't understand the course material, but Grace was excellent at explaining things in an interesting way and using real-life examples to bring theory to life."

    Laura Garrity

  • "Grace made this class an amazing experience. She taught in a way that made sense not only to me, but to everyone in class. She is intelligent, creative, and really cared. I truly feel that I learned more than in any other class I've taken. I now feel that I can take everything I learned from class and use it in my career."

    Melissa Emert-Hutner

  • "Grace does a great job keeping the class engaged. She is energetic, in the know, and able to advise us on best practices tailored to our various industries. This is the second class of Grace's I've taken, and I highly recommend her."

    Kimberly Connolly

  • "I highly recommend Grace. She is highly knowledgeable, organized, and thorough."

    Lisa Iddings