Public Speaking

Present effectively and with confidence

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  • Thursdays 6:45-9:45pm ET, 2 sessions full schedule

Great public speakers aren't born; they're trained.

In the first part of this course, we'll focus on nuts-and-bolts tips and techniques for becoming a more confident and competent public speaker. In the second part, students will be assessed on their abilities to apply the learning to specific presentations and coached to address areas of improvement.

In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Captivate and engage an audience
  • Use "Power Periods" and oral techniques to project competence
  • Walk, gesture, and position your body to convey strength
  • Interact with displays, notes, and PowerPoint presentations
  • Come up with customized ways to improve your own personal public speaking style

By the end of class, you will have:

The skills to speak confidently and with authority to engage any audience.

Joel Schwartzberg teaches public speaking to corporate, group, and individual clients. He won the 1990 United States Championship in After-Dinner Speaking, the 1990 State Championship in Persuasive Speaking, and was ranked among the ten top public speakers in the country. After coaching public speaking/forensic teams at the University of Pennsylvania, Seton Hall University, and the City University of New York, he was inducted into the National Forensic Association Hall of Fame in 2002. Joel has written about public speaking for The Huffington Post and is a contributor to Public Speaking Superpowers, which will be released this fall. His essays have appeared in The New York Times Magazine, The New York Daily News, Newsweek, New Jersey Monthly, The New York Post,, and Chicken Soup for the Soul. He is also the author of the award-winning essay collection The 40-Year-Old Version. Visit his website at

  • "This class and instructor not only gave me the confidence to engage in public speaking, but helped me learn extremely valuable skills that I now use in both my professional and personal life. The instructor, Joel, was patient, kind, and probably one of the best teachers I've had in this genre of classes. He structured his class in a way that was thought provoking and stimulating, all while being engaging and positive. Joel taught me more in two classes than some professors did in an entire semester during college! I highly recommend this class for anyone who is looking to brush up on their public speaking skills or for anyone who is petrified to speak in public in general.  This class will definitely give you the confidence you need to become a great public speaker."

    Jennifer DiGuiseppe

  • "Joel was awesome! Extremely knowledgable, enthusiastic, and clear about the material. He's deeply committed to each student's progress, incredibly engaging, and delivers meaningful feedback in a positive way. Joel has a real passion for what he teaches, and it shows!"

    Deborah L Sperling

  • "Public speaking is stressful.  However, Joel gives great tools and tips to help you deliver your speech as the professional you are meant to be! He created a safe atmosphere for his students, and provided quick exercises and thorough performance critiques to help improve one's delivery."

    Veronica Wulff

  • "I was skeptical about actually being able to improve my public speaking skills, but the course content helped me to improve in just two class sessions!"

    Joe Orsinger

  • "Joel offered excellent drills to help attendees stand, speak, and gesture before an audience with confidence. I recommend Joel and this class to anyone interested in fine-tuning their public speaking style."

    Anne Hollyday

  • "In only two sessions, I feel that I am already a stronger public speaker as a result of Joel's instruction. He creates a kind environment for confidence-building exercises and provides thoughtful, precise feedback. I would absolutely take another class with this instructor."

    Molly Maymar

  • "Joel was funny, patient, and encouraging. He provides a number of tricks to get over speaking anxiety, to sound confident and project strength, and to win over any audience."

    Lionel Beehner

  • "Joel was extremely helpful and engaging. He peppered his presentation with humor and made the room feel at ease. It was well worth the money."

    Debbie Sirico

  • "Joel delivered an enormous amount of information in an extremely palatable -- not to mention memorable -- way."

    Laura Harrison McBride

  • "Joel was an enthusiastic and accomplished speaker. I came away with great information that I can put to use right away."

    Valerie Peterson

  • "Joel is an inspiring, energetic, and well-informed teacher who generously shared tips from his years of experience. I recommend this class to anyone."

    Karen Sorensen

  • "Joel had great energy and was a great speaker. He was a perfect instructor and I enjoyed taking his class."

    Beverly Anderson

  • "Joel did an excellent job sharing his skills. I definitely will remember all the techniques and become a more effective public speaker."

    Khristina Godlewski