The Sitcom Writer's Room

Collaborate with aspiring TV writers to produce a spec script

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  • Sat, Suns 10am-4pm ET, 2 sessions full schedule

The sitcom writing experience is different from any other type of creative writing. This intensive weekend course is for writers without professional television experience who want to learn how it's really done.

This class will recreate the authentic experience of a professional writer's room to give students the feel of what it's like to work in the television industry. Students will collaborate on creating individual half-hour scripts for a current television sitcom. Everyone will be encouraged to participate, pitch ideas, and punch up jokes. There are no bad ideas.

In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Think, talk, and self-edit like a television writer
  • Write collaboratively and brainstorm
  • Understand the tone, style, and themes of a network or cable show
  • Successfully pitch new ideas
  • Write your episode synopsis

By the end of class, you will have:

Hands-on experience with the sitcom writing process, a solid beginning of your script, and techniques to make your writing stand out to agents, studios, networks, and executive producers.

Don DeMaio has worked as a cartoonist, writer, and producer for network television. He created and wrote the sitcom pilot Man of the House for CBS and was a staff writer and producer for Witt Thomas Productions, working on My Kind of Town, a Fox comedy starring Jeff Garlin. Other credits include Herman's Head, which ran on Fox from 1991-1994. He is the creator, writer, and co-producer for Founding Feathers, an animated series about the founding of our nation that has been optioned for network television. He currently teaches television writing in the theatre and comedy program at William Patterson University.

  • "Don provided a great experience for those new to the sitcom writer's world. The class was packed with information and gives you the foundation to write your spec script and the inspiration to achieve your goal. Thanks!"

    Carla Wahnon

  • "Don is a very thoughtful teacher who guided our group in a critical but encouraging way. His real world examples, along with video samples, were helpful. The experience of beating out our spec ideas in a writer's room atmosphere left me much more confident and prepared."

    Katie Petrachonis

  • "I really enjoyed the chance to present my ideas for a spec episode and get helpful feedback and direction."

    Elizabeth Bloodworth

  • "Don motivated me to create a script I feel confident about. He taught us a great deal about writing for television and the business aspect of it all. The course lived up to exactly what I was expecting. A+."

    Anthony Iannaccio

  • "Don is the real deal -- a sitcom & comedy writer with real world experience who can help you make strides in your craft."

    Benjamin Lehmann