The New Era of Publishing

Expand your digital publishing toolbox

Speakers at eBook Summit include:

Douglas Rushkoff
Douglas Rushkoff
Media Theorist and author
Kate McKean
Kate McKean
Literary agent
Adam Penenberg
Adam Penenberg
Professor, New York University and Contributor, Fast Company
Jason Ashlock
Jason Ashlock
Founder, Moveable Type

Publishing hasn't seen this much change in its 800-year history. New technologies bring a wave of opportunities as they disrupt regular print cycles and business models. Books are consumed digitally on portable devices, a new opportunity for authors and publishers to produce multimedia content. Authors can self-publish without the support of a major publishing house and find an audience through social media. As major publishers shift their businesses, new upstarts launch ideas for sharing digital content on a variety of platforms.

It's a tremendous time to be in publishing, but it's not without challenges.'s eBook Summit tackles some of the most pressing industry issues to help you navigate the changing industry ecosystem.

Join us at eBook Summit:

  • Make money in digital publishing: business models that are working
  • Uncover the significance of social networks: digital writing communities
  • Understand the reader experience: writing – and designing – for tablets and mobile devices
  • You've written your eBook. Now what? Hear next steps for publishing online and building and audience
  • Meet innovative publishing professionals leading development for eReaders, tablets, and mobile devices

Who should attend?

  • Aspiring authors seeking new tools
  • Publishing professionals looking for new intelligence
  • Publicists hoping to understand new social networking tools
  • Agents seeking to understand the debate over eBook rights
  • Librarians looking for new resources

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