How much does it cost to post a job?
Each job ad costs $279 for a 30-day posting on our site

Do you offer discounts if my company posts more than one job?
Save up to 46% on your job postings. We offer Job Packs starting at 3 jobs. Refer to the pricing page.

How do I pay for my job ad?
You can choose to pay online with credit card, or you can select the 'bill me later' option and we'll send you an invoice.

I need a receipt for the job posting.
Email Alexandra Spignesi and include relevant job information (i.e. name of company, who posted the ad, when it was posted).


Is there a registration fee for employers?
No, registration is free. We only charge you $279 for the job posting.

I get an error message every time I try to log in.
Make sure you are logging in under the Employer Section, not the regular mediabistro.com member log in - these are separate log ins. If you forgot your employer user name and/or password, fill out your email address and we'll send you a password reminder.


Does my job posting go on the site immediately?
Yes, all postings are run on real-time.

I need to make changes to my job posting.
After logging in, click on Edit Current Jobs.

I don't want applicants to contact me but I have to enter a contact name.
Instead of putting your name, you can put something generic in the first and last name fields such as "Human Resources", Hiring Manager", or "Job Contact".

I've been inundated with resumes. How do I remove my posting from the site?
After logging in, click Delete Current Jobs.

I want my job to appear on top of the job board list.
Jobs are listed chronologically (most recent postings appear first). You can renew for your job for another month (for an additional $279) and it will appear on the top of the list.

I'm just not getting a great response to my job ad.
You can edit your job postings based on the response you've received. For example, if the applicants are too overqualified, you can specify your exact requirements in your ad. Always remember to be as specific as possible. Elaborate on your company, requirements, and what's expected of the candidate.

Also, you can upgrade your job listing to a FEATURED JOB. For an additional $299, your ad will appear on the homepage, top of job listings page, and Daily Newsfeed (an emailed newsletter that gets sent to more than 90,000 subscribers) for an entire day. Call or email Alexandra Spignesi to be set up.

Still have questions? Call Alexandra Spignesi, Client Services Associate, at 212-493-4054 or email us