Save the Date - December 15, 2010

Find out what the digital revolution means in the next phase of publishing

Publishing hasn’t seen this much change in its 800-year history. New technologies bring a wave of opportunities as they disrupt regular print cycles and business models. Books are digital content, consumed on portable devices and presenting opportunities to become multimedia entertainment. Authors can self-publish without the support of a major publishing house and find an audience through social media. As major publishers shift their businesses, new upstarts launch ideas for sharing digital content on a variety of platforms.

It's a tremendous time to be in publishing, but it's not without challenges. To help you navigate the changing ecosystem,'s eBook Summit tackles some of the most pressing industry issues.

At the eBook Summit, find out:

  • What defines book publishing today and how does it overlap with the entertainment industry?
  • How publishing companies turn profits with new digital content models
  • What is the effect on individual authors and their content?
  • What does publishing mean with the explosion of e-readers, the iPad, and mobile devices?

At the eBook Summit, you'll learn:

  • What’s changed in Big Publishing
  • How the Kindle’s future has changed with iPad on the market?
  • What publicity really means in the age of Twitter
  • How self-publishing and publishing-on-demand have shifted an author’s control
  • Various methods of pricing content
  • What features to spec out in enhanced eBooks
  • How digital rights management and piracy will shape content
  • How to raise money through online crowdfunding and other alternative sources

VIDEO: Take a sneak peek at what's to come at the eBook Summit

PHOTOS: eBook Summit in NYC, Dec. 15-16, 2009