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Frequently asked questions about our events:

How do I RSVP for an event?
Please RSVP online using the appropriate link. DO NOT RSVP by email or phone. If you have technical problems RSVP'ing online, please email

How can I get your invitations?
The easiest way to get on our list is to sign up online. Go to the homepage and click on Join (located towards the top-left of the screen). Complete the short form on the next page and that's all. It's absolutely free and only takes a quick minute.

I registered but I haven't received any invitations. Why?
It normally takes between three to four days before we can add you to our mailing list. Please be patient. If you're in a hurry and want to know what events are coming up, please visit our Events page.

How do I post an event to your Events page?
If you'd like to post your event on Mediabistro, contact us here. Please note: Mediabistro only approves and lists events submitted that are relevant and beneficial to our audience.

Can I bring a guest to one of your events?
You're more than welcome to bring a guest to our events, but please let us know all of the following information when you RSVP: your guest's full name, company, title, and email address.

Is there a cover charge for this event?
If you are on the RSVP page for the event, scroll down and click on "I Will Attend This Event." On the next page, you'll see whether the event has a cover charge or not.

I'd like to attend one of your events, but can I pay at the door?
We prefer that our guests purchase their tickets in advance, because we normally are required to know how many guests to expect that evening (especially if seating is involved!). If we are accepting payment at the door, we will usually let people know on the RSVP page or on our Events page.

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