Program: April 1, 2011 - Day 2

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8:30 am
Expo Hall opens.
9:00 - 10:00 am
Opening Keynote
Social Media at Scale: Making Connections Pay Off
Many brands are learning how to use social media to increase the level of intimacy with their customers. But what happens when you need to show results? Can intimacy scale? Can it be done consistently? Can connections with and between people deliver a measurable return on investment? How do we measure it anyway? See how it's been done, share best practices, and learn how to build your own social media ROI formulas.
Ian Schafer Founder & CEO, Deep Focus
10:00 - 10:30 am
AM Break
10:30 - 11:30 am
Socialize Your Marketing and Advertising
Social media marketing is not just about posting updates on Facebook and Twitter. It’s about weaving social media tactics and technology into your website and marketing programs. It's about creating interesting and valuable content and using free social tools for viral distribution and optimization of that content. And of course, it's about forming a lifelong connection with customers and brand enthusiasts and getting them to share what they love about your product or service and brand. Join us for an enlightening session as Harry J. Gold walks through the practical steps of integrating the power of social media into the marketing mix including real case studies.
Harry J. Gold CEO, Overdrive Interactive

Using Multivariate Techniques To Increase ROI In Social Media Campaigns
Social media has become a vital part of any performance marketer's digital strategy. Understanding the social audience and creating resonant ads takes time and budget that many advertisers simply do not have. In this innovative session, Rob Leathern will reveal how marketers can efficiently and effectively test tens of thousands of creative/target combinations in dozens of ads. Using multivariate testing to gather insights on individual ad components from the user-centric audiences on Facebook, performance marketers will develop an understanding of their distinct social audiences and learn how to unite best performing ad components.
Matt Esslinger COO,
11:30 - 12:30 pm
Lunch for Full Conference Registrants
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12:30 - 1:30 pm
Strike While The Iron Is Hot: The Power Of Real Time Social Engagement
Facebook is a dynamic medium and people expect constantly changing and engaging content. Keeping your fans engaged is key as these people have already expressed more than cursory interest in your brand. Brands that post relevant content have seen a tremendous increase in both traffic and engagement to their Facebook Pages and other web properties. But what are the best practices for a real time content strategy? In this presentation, Michael Jaindl will share his learnings working with the world's largest brands on Facebook via his role as Buddy Media's Chief Client Officer.
michael jaindl Chief Client Officer, Buddy Media

Social Media: Harvesting Intent for Better ROI
As search marketing has shown, "intent" is the most valuable currency of the Web. However, with so much time being spent in social media and associated applications there is an ever increasing amount of valuable intent that Advertisers, Publishers and Technologies need to harvest. This roundtable session will explore how various companies are successfully separating the intent signal from the noise in Social Media. We'll also examine new and novel methods for capturing, organizing and making actionable that intent to improve performance for Advertisers and value for Publishers.
Matt LeMay Platform Manager,
Doug Pollack Manager Data Analytics, Lotame
Adam Sherk VP of SEO and Social Media Strategy, Define Media Group
Frank Speiser Co-founder, SocialFlow
Jonathan Mendez Founder & CEO, Yieldbot (moderator)

1:30 - 2:30 pm
Measuring Social Media Success
Social Media is now at the forefront of online marketing efforts for many organizations. Unlike the early days of the web when measurement was a second thought, C-level management now wants to know the ROI/benefits of their social media efforts and the currently available measurement metrics are elusive at best. Attempts have been made to measure success by number of Twitter followers or Facebook group members but these are meaningless numbers. To meet the growing need for meaningful measurements several tools have come to market promising to help organization unravel this mystery. This session will explore what measurements organizations of all types should be focusing on and how the different free and paid tools can help them understand the positive impact their social media efforts are having on their campaigns and the organization itself.
Daniel Bates EVP, Client Solutions, ClearSaleing
Casey Carey Vice President, Products, Webtrends
Brian Carter CEO, FanReach
Marshall Sponder Senior Web Analyst, WebMetricsGuru
Alan K'necht Founder & President, K'nechtology (moderator)

The Findability Formula for LinkedIn: B2B Social Media Made Profitable
With members including executives from all Fortune 500 companies, 70 million users worldwide, a new member every second and 80% of companies using it as a recruitment tool, LinkedIn is critical for business to business interaction. This presentation focuses on integrating employee profiles to benefit the company as a whole, making LinkedIn your main, professional profile, and the underlying strategy, tactics and tools you can use to successfully market your business and get found on LinkedIn through keyword research and Social Media Marketing. This is the Findability Formula for LinkedIn – an in depth look at the Social Media site and a "how-to" approach to dominating search results and market share online.

To learn more about Heather's session, check out the following video:
Heather Lutze CEO, Findability Group
2:30 - 3:00 pm
PM Break
Expo Hall closes at the end of PM Break.
3:00 - 4:00 pm
Social Video Marketing: What Every Business Should Know (and Do)
With the heavy convergence of social and video, and video with online marketing, have we now reached a point for a business strategy that combines all three? Is social video marketing just about creating videos for YouTube and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, or is it much more than just that? Online Video Analyst and "Videologist" Grant Crowell will show success stories with forward-thinking companies doing social video marketing, and important tips for what own your business can be doing today.
Grant Crowell Videologist,

Facebook Marketing & ROI: Show Me the Money
Facebook has matured to become an astounding community of over 520 million users, many of whom are zealously engaged. This screaming fast growth has marketers salivating. Social media niceties and obligatory Facebook presence aside, marketing managers are asking the brutal question: "How do we make money marketing in Facebook?" Join our expert panel of international Facebook marketers, for a one-hour no holds barred Facebook jam session, focused on monetization, ROI, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and analytics that prove tangible business objectives.
Marty Weintraub President, aimCLEAR
4:00 - 5:00 pm
PR 2.0: The Profound Power of Social Media
Thanks to the pervasive influence of social media, the practice of public relations has entered a new era of reinvention. The key to this evolution is rooted in a complex mixture of mobile applications, Twitter, search optimization, tagging and of course social profiles that have generated communities of fans, friends and followers. This session will explore the tips, tools and techniques a modern public relations team requires to succeed and who you'll need on your staff to make it happen. PR 2.0 best practices, social listening skills, online newsrooms, reputation management, stakeholder engagement, and leveraging new research and social intelligence tools to improve the bottom line are all fodder for discussion.
LIANA "LI" EVANS CEO, LiBeck Integrated Marketing
francois gossieaux Co-founder and Partner, Human 1.0
Daniel N. Lewis Director of New Media Communications, Sesame Workshop
Jeff Lin Founder & Developer, Bust Out Solutions, Inc.
Gabby Nelson Director Corporate Communications, Select Comfort
Caroline Rodehau CEO, New York Girl Style LLC
Todd Tweedy Managing Director, Audience Machine (moderator)

Social Media Marketing: Legal & Regulatory Compliance
Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn provide the opportunity for authentic interaction and engagement with customers. It is no surprise that companies are using these services as strategic marketing tools. But with new technological developments come new legal and business risks. Understanding and minimizing these risks will help you maximize the opportunities for your business along with improving the overall ROI. In this session, attendees will learn how to identify the legal issues and develop policies and procedures to keep informed about the current technology, marketing strategies and regulatory compliance.
David Adler Partner, Adler & Franczyk, LLC