Real Life User Experience- 31-01-2013

Jan 31, 2013, 9:00AM to 4:00AM

Location 169/179 Thomas Street
Sydney, Australia
Cost 895
Details Designing usable, useful and engaging experiences for real people in real life

This workshop is presented in two distinct parts. First, participants will learn about layout, interaction design and key UX principles.
In the second part, participants try out their newly acquired skills with a UX design challenge. The challenge simulates real world decision making to create the best possible user experience under given circumstances. Participants will be required to interact with (fictitious) characters such as BA's Product Managers and the like to get the information they need to complete the challenge. The challenge allows participants to hone their new skills with real life decision making in a fun and blame free environment.
The workshop will look at:
• Mastering screen layout
• Interaction design principles
• Essential UX tools and deliverables
• Real world design decision making
Intended audience:
Budding user experience or interaction designers, Web producers, Web designers, Developers who want to build human usable interfaces, IT professional involved in building user centred software
About the workshop leader
Tudor Goode is a user experience and web design professional with over 20 years of industry expertise. Tudor has consulted to organisation such AMP, Commonwealth Bank, Compaq, Digital Equipment Corp, Freehills and Optus to name a few. His most recent project has been working with Optus to improve their online customer self-service portal. Tudor is a dynamic and entertaining speaker and loves presenting. He has GradCert in Human Computer Interaction and Master of Internet Communications.


Price: $895 plus gst

Goode Design Pty Limited, Managing Consultant, Tudor Goode

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