MAXIMIZING WEB VISIBILITY: Tips to Get You and Your Book Found

Feb 13, 2013, 7:00PM to 9:00PM

Location 4117 Overland Ave.
Culver City, CA
Cost $5, 15
Details Whether your books are digital, offset, electronic, or POD, all publishers must have a clear, strong, and concise website.

The basics accomplished, how do you get the website noticed by the public?

How do you determine your target audience, how do you find and hold on to those people, and how do you maximize your impact?

We will discuss:
- Amazon vs. your own web site
- “Static” vs. dynamic web sites (e.g., WordPress)
- Blogging
- Getting traffic (people) to find and visit your website
- Search engine optimization (SEO)
- Backlinking
- Meta tags
- Keywords
- Social networking (Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn)
- YouTube
- Website coding and wording (how best to word and place the copy on your website).
- Tie-ins with other sites
- Choices for design

Our expert panel will give you a variety of tools so that your website won’t be the best-kept secret in town.

Our panelists:

STEVEN SANCHEZ is founder and CEO of the Los Angeles-based Internet agency INEXUS. For the past 20 years, Steven has helped large and small companies start web sites and get discovered. He has taught numerous workshops on starting web businesses and using social media to promote one’s visibility. He has also worked on several web design books such as “Homepage Usability,” “Web Design on a Shoestring,” and “The Unusually Useful Web Book.” Steven is currently developing, a web community to help authors build successful platforms for growing full businesses out of their books. He can be reached at

TAMMY BLECK is a ghostwriter, proficient columnist, and author of the award-winning book “Single Past 50 Now What?” and the award winning blog, “Witty Woman Writing.” She is known for her humor and has often been compared to Erma Bombeck and dubbed the female Andy Rooney. Her writing has been published in countless magazines and newspapers such as the “Los Angeles Daily News,” “The Denver Post,” “The Rocky Mountain News,” “The Portland Post,” “The Jewish Writing Project,” and “Jewish Journal.” Tammy is a recipient of the Certificate of Commendation from the mayor of Los Angeles for her work in educating the public. You can contact Tammy at and enjoy her weekly blog at
Venue Veterans Memorial Auditorium
RSVP Sharon Goldinger, Program Chair,,

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