How to Keep Uncle Sam, Opportunistic Creditors, Lawsuits, and Long-Term Care Costs From Pick-Pocketing Your Family's

Mar 28, 2013, 6:00PM to 8:00PM

Location 4601 West Gore Blvd
Lawton, OK
Cost Free
Details Smith & Sons presents a FREE Special Education Program revealing how to protect your family and…

Capture every available tax break to minimize your capital gains taxes, federal income taxes, and estate taxes.
Ensure your personal care and financial affairs are managed as you would want them to be, even if serious injury or illness render you unable to do so yourself.
Plan ahead for retirement and protect your personal property from the devastating expenses associated with catastrophic illness.
Protect your business and personal property from the ravages of potential lawsuits.
Avoid the humiliation, publicity and expense of a guardianship proceeding should you become legally disabled.
Avoid the long, painful, public, and expensive process and delays of probate.
Avoid losing your assets to nursing home and long term care costs.
Create a life-long plan that will take care of a special needs child, even after you’re gone.
Ensure your life insurance provides for your loved ones without increasing your estate’s tax liability.
Retain complete control over to whom, how and when your estate is distributed.
Make charitable gifts to worthwhile organizations, while also gaining a new source of income and significant tax advantages for yourself.

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