BIOMEDevice Boston Conference 2013

Apr 10, 2013 to Apr 11, 2013

Location 415 Summer Street
Boston, MA, Poland
Cost $250
Details Summary:

Don’t miss out on 2013’s new and improved BIOMEDevice Boston Conference.


Choose from six seminar sessions across the two day conference that will deliver crucial insights and guidance on biomedical regulations, design engineering, new biomaterial innovations and product development for the medical device industry.



Keywords: modular medical device conference boston, realistic user testing of medical devices, risk management and usability of medical devices, fda guidance on human factors, consumer driven medical device design concepts, wireless connectivity in medical devices, nanoelectromechanical (nems), validating computational modelling microelectromechanical (mems), 3d print medical devices computational modelling and fluid dynamics, speed to market, interactions of drug device combination products, pre-clinical sterilization testing, testing drug device combination products, drug device combination products, rechargeable and primary batteries for implantable medical devices, medical device conference boston, material shredding and degrading, biomedical regulations, implantable devices biomaterial compatibility, tissue healing and regeneration, identification (udi), unique device, fda medical device regulatory updates, 510(k) changes.
Venue Boston Exposition & Convention Center

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