May 13, 2013, 7:00PM to 9:00PM

Location 4117 Overland Ave.
Culver City, CA
Cost $5, 15
Details Our experts will provide you with proven tips on moving your book into standard and new media development and distribution channels. Discover how new media is opening new markets, and how to get sponsors to finance your project. We will address optioning your screenplay for film, TV, and Internet development.
- What steps do you need to take to get a book made into a film, TV show, or other new media?
- What do you need to consider when someone wants to option your book? Is this ever preferable to an outright sale? What kind of monies are involved?
- What genres are hot right now?
- How do you create an interactive book for use on iPads and other similar devices? What types of books lend themselves to this platform?
- Should you post something from your book on YouTube? How do the financial considerations work?

MARILYN ANDERSON is an award-winning writer for television, film, and theater. On TV, she has written for “Murphy Brown,” “Sherman Oaks,” “FAME,” and “Friday the 13th, the Series” and she was on the writing staff of “Carol & Company” starring Carol Burnett, Richard Kind and Jeremy Piven. The organization Women in Film awarded Marilyn with a LUMINAS Award for the positive depiction of women in film and TV. Her movie scripts have been sold to various studios and in 2008 one of her romantic comedies aired on Lifetime TV. She is currently producing two feature films for which she wrote the screenplays.

LINDA HOLLANDER is also known as the Wealthy Bag Lady. Linda is the industry leader in teaching entrepreneurs in a wide range of fields about corporate sponsorships. She is the author of the #1 best-selling book, “Bags to Riches: 7 Success Secrets for Women in Business.” Her sponsors include Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Dun & Bradstreet, Epson, Citibank, Bank of America and IBM. She has also been on NBC, CBS, FOX Television, Bloomberg Radio and Remarkable Women.

PATRICIA PAYNE is an Australian screenwriter and film producer. Her credits include “For the Term of His Natural Life,” a six-hour miniseries starring Anthony Perkins, based on the book by Marcus Clarke, a project Ms. Payne wrote and produced with Wilton Schiller. She is about to release the newly adapted interactive app for the iPad. Her writing credits also include longform projects for CBS, Universal, and TORSTAR, and include “Captain America,” a movie-of-the-week adaptation from the Stan Lee Marvel Comic Book. Her next project will be the comedy feature film, “No Kava for Johnny.”

MARION ZOLA. In 1981, she wrote her first book, “All The Good Ones Are Married,” which became a movie for Lifetime, airing in 2009. Marion also produced a feature entitled “Midnight Kiss,” was an associate producer of “Te Amare in Silencio,” a telenovella for Univision, and currently co-produces Shelter Me, a show now airing on PBS. Her new book, an Amazon bestseller, is “Romancing the Dog, The Struggle to Make a Pound Dog Happy in Beverly Hills.”

INA HILLEBRANDT is a speaker, author, publisher, writing coach, and editor. Known for her memoir classes and guide, “How to Write Your Memoirs,” Hillebrandt's first book, “Pawprints,” soon to be published as an eBook with new material and the subhead Your Furry Home Companion, is being considered for a webisode series. Launched at the L.A. Zoo, “Pawprints” led to TV and web appearances, and work with educators for the Jane Goodall Institute, to developing Pawprints Literacy Plus, with a curriculum guide. “Stories From The Heart,” v. 2, and “Pawprints” were best sellers on Amazon.com.
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Venue Veterans Memorial Auditorium
Website pa-la.org
RSVP Sharon Goldinger, Program Chair, pplspeak@att.net,

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