Third Annual Cabaret to Benefit Astor's Lawrence F. Hickey Center

May 5, 2013, 1:00PM to 4:00PM

Location 1 East 91st Street
New York, NY
Cost $50-$150
Details Contact: Pauline Barfield
Barfield Public Relations, Inc.
(212) 736-0404
Sonia Barnes-Moorhead
Astor Services for Children & Families
(845) 871-1117

Magee Hickey, PIX 11 News Reporter, to Host
Third Annual Cabaret with her Singing Newscaster Colleagues to
Benefit Astor’s Lawrence F. Hickey Center and to help
Celebrate Astor’s 60th Anniversary

Manhattan— Magee Hickey, daughter of Lawrence F. Hickey, and Reporter for PIX 11 News, along with her newscaster colleagues from New York’s television stations will be singing in a Cabaret to raise funds for Astor’s Lawrence F. Hickey Center for Child Development in the Bronx (LFHC). This event will take place on Sunday, May 5, 2013 (Reception at 1:00 PM and Performance at 2:00 PM), at One East 91st Street and 5th Avenue.

Starring television premiere reporters: Ernie Anastos, Linda Church, Kirstin Cole, Irene Cornell, Kerry Drew, Mr. G., Tamsen Fadal, Allison Haunss, Sandy Kenyon, Polly Kreisman, Dan Mannarino, Lisa Mateo, Greg Mocker, Mary Murphy, David Novarro, Frances Rivera, Marvin Scott, Kristen Shaughnessy, Kaity Tong, and Wally Zeins and many surprise guests; including some of Astor’s children singing as well!

At the Cabaret this year the Children’s Art Show, Paint What You Feel will be on display. This exhibit of several wonderful paintings was iinspired by the great abstract expressionists Rothko, de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, and the squeegee artworks of Gerhard Richter. Artist Pat Madden worked with the children at the LFHC to express their emotions through painting – uninhibited by the need for a painting to look like something. "Don't paint a bird," the kids were told, "paint what it feels like to fly!"

Along with all this fun and entertainment will be a silent auction, where guests will be able to bid on items such Dinner with Kaity Tong, Lunch with Ernie Anastos, the Astor’s children’s artwork, dinner at local NYC restaurants, trips, etc.

Tickets are $50, $150 and $500 ($30, $130, $480 respectively, of your ticket price will go directly to the Lawrence F. Hickey Center, and is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law).

Located in the Bronx, Astor’s Lawrence F. Hickey Center for Child Development serves children 2.9 years old to kindergarten age with behavioral and emotional needs. In September 1991, the Center was named in honor of Mr. Hickey. He and his family have always been dedicated supporters of Astor. The Cabaret is a way to honor Mr. Hickey, who passed away on March 28, 2011. “Mr. Hickey was a generous humanitarian, giving of his time and many talents. He was committed to ensuring the world become a better place for children and their families,” said Dr. James McGuirk, Executive Director/CEO at Astor Services for Children & Families.

Sponsors of this event include: LeeAnn Black, CWA Local 1182, William Grant & Sons and Patti Kenner. For more information on tickets and sponsorship opportunities, contact Samantha Lowe at; (845) 871-1116.

Since 1953, Astor Services for Children & Families (formerly The Astor Home for Children) has been providing behavioral and educational services in a caring environment where children and their families find strength, healing, hope and trust. Now serving over 6,000 children and families annually, Astor’s current range of services to families in the Mid-Hudson Valley and the Bronx include: Residential Treatment, Therapeutic Foster Family Care, Early Childhood Programs, and Community-Based Behavioral Health and Prevention Services. For additional information about Astor Services for Children & Families, please visit their website at or call The Children’s Foundation of Astor at (845) 871-1117.

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