Retrofitting & Refurb Conference & Expo

Sep 24, 2013 to Sep 25, 2013

Location Locomotive Workshop Eveleigh, Sydney, 1430, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Cost $1000
Details Summary:

Will focus on the practical approaches to retrofitting a project irrespective of the project drivers,offering insights from key projects throughout Australia.


This year’s Retrofit & Refurb Conference & Expo has evolved from the traditional road show and will provide a single national platform for property owners, facility managers, architects, contractors and consulting engineers to share ideas, challenges and strategies, all under one roof.

The conference itself will target key challenges and solutions that have successfully improved building performance, as well as creating an attractive and comfortable environment for workers that will ultimately drive down costs and increase workplace productivity:

This year’s event will focus on:

• Best practice planning, design and engineering
• Building the business case for new projects
• Securing funding and cost control
• Identifying, securing and implementing sustainable technology
• Minimising disruption throughout the retrofit
• Alternative and renewable energy generation
• Improving workplace productivity through activity based workspace and interior design
• Building management solutions

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from leading experts who have successfully managed key projects across the region.



Regsiter by 28th May 2013 - Receive $1000 off standard price.
Venue Australian Technology Park

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