AUDIOBOOKS: How to Make and Sell Them

Jun 12, 2013, 7:00PM to 9:00PM

Location 4117 Overland Ave.
Culver City, CA
Cost $5, 15
Details • Do you have one or more books that you think would be good candidates for audio publishing? We will walk you through the steps of audiobook publishing today.
• Learn the fundamentals of audio publishing, the latest developments, and how to determine whether your work is viable for audiobook recording. Our speakers will address these issues and more:
- The resources involved in self-publishing or publishing audiobooks
- Why some decide to license the audio rights instead
- What to do to ensure the best production quality
- How to get it into the marketplace once it is ready for distribution
- What others are doing to publicize their audiobooks

LINDA KORN is the three-time Grammy-winning head of Kornucopia Sounds, an independent production company. This producer/director has over twenty years of experience in audio production, with many Audie and Earphone Awards as well. As a director, she has worked with celebrity authors and actors including Dr. Phil, James Patterson, Jackie Collins, Steve Martin and Jodi Foster. Linda has been a staff audiobook producer at Time Warner Audiobooks and Simon and Schuster Audio. She is also a published scriptwriter of children's videobooks and composer, writing and performing adult contemporary and children's music. Linda has served on the Board of Governors for the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and the Audio Publishers Association.

RAYMOND POWERS has been active in the technological and artistic aspects of recording for three decades. He transitioned from the analog era into the digital and has become well versed in the various platforms available for producing and marketing digital content. At his studio in Ojai, CA, Creekside Productions, he offers services for both spoken word and music content. A modern renaissance man, Raymond is at once an audio producer, composer, lyricist, voice teacher, author, editor, life coach, business consultant, crowdfunding analyst and sustainability advocate. He has also been involved in the alternative therapies that utilize music, sound and light as healing modalities. Raymond is the author of "Simple Brilliance: Rediscovering Your Natural Genius."

JANET D. THOMAS is a captivating speaker, engaging writer and dynamic workshop leader. She is the author of "Lemons, Lemonade & Life: Practical Steps for Getting the Sweetness Back When Life Goes Sour." Janet has healed the wounds of childhood abuse and overcome a laundry list of challenges. To her, making lemonade is no mere philosophical or psychological proposition; it has been a life-saving strategy. A native of Southern California, Janet lives, writes and maintains her coaching practice in North Hollywood, California. Her self-published title "Lemons, Lemonade & Life" came out as an audiobook earlier this year, and it is available on, iTunes,, and She will share her journey of creating her audiobook and getting distribution.

MODERATOR-ROBIN QUINN is an award-winning book editor, book coach, and ghostwriter. She specializes in self-help, health, nutrition, spirituality, business, and the media, and she also works with fiction and memoir. Robin has been in the book publishing business for more than two decades, and she has edited 250+ books during that period. She regularly produces and moderates book panels. Her recent projects include Ruth Frechman's "The Food Is My Friend Diet" (Best Nutrition book, Indie Excellence Awards 2012), Steve Nakamoto's "Wall Street Craps" (Best Finance/Investment/Wealth title Nonfiction, Global Ebook Awards 2012), and Saniel Bonder's metaphysical novel "Ultimaya 1.0: The Trouble with the Wishes of Leopold Stokes."
Venue Veterans Memorial Auditorium
RSVP Sharon Goldinger, Program Chair,,

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