LogiPharma 2013

Sep 17, 2013 to Sep 19, 2013

Location 201 Village Boulevard, 08540
Princeton, NJ
Cost $3,000
Details Summary:

LogiPharma 2013 is the most comprehensive North American supply chain conference for Pharmaceutical, BioPharmaceutical and Medical Device companies.


LogiPharma Delivers Solutions To Your Top Pain Points:

1. Track-and-Trace, Serialization, ePedigree: Evaluating ePedigree data exchange and interoperability as data gets passed through channels.

2. Risk management: Finding where your key vulnerabilities are in your supply chain and how to manage those.

3. Supply chain segmentation: Being more demand driven, focusing on customers and tailoring supply chains to more effectively meet their needs.

4. Emerging Markets: Central led v centralized. Understanding local nuances while managing distribution hubs effectively to capitalize on economies of scale.

5. Trade-off between agility and being lean: Understanding areas of the supply chain where you should be more agile vs. lean and setting up an adaptive supply chain to ensure business continuity and that your meeting customers’ needs.

Website: http://atnd.it/1a1icvb

All others: $2,599
Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device Organizations - Group of 2: $3,000
Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device Organizations - Individual: $2,199

Keywords: cmo selection criteria, drug anti-counterfeiting, biopharma supply chain, pharma supply chain integrity, s andop, green supply chain, e-pedigree, pharma lean supply chain, supply chain optimization, drug shortages, pharma logistics, pharma control towers, pharma supply chain management, demand driven pharma supply chain, customer driven pharma supply chain, pharma emerging markets, pharma supply chain segmentation, track and trace, serialization, cold chain.
Venue Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village

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