The Story Studio's July 6-Session Storytelling Workshop with Kevin Allison

Jul 10, 2013 to Aug 15, 2013

Location 18 West 18th St
Cost $350
Details The Story Studio’s 6-session storytelling workshop, taught by Kevin Allison, provides students with an encouraging, constructive environment in which to practice storytelling each week and receive feedback from their instructor and peers. Exercises in class focus on classic story structuring, building suspense, eliciting emotion, recreating drama, digging deeper into a story’s meaning, and using your voice and body to add levels to your listeners’ experience, so that your story stays with them. The class size will be limited to allow maximum individual attention and storytelling practice time for each student in each class session.

This class is open to all students. No experience required.

Visit for more information.
Venue CAP 21

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