Epigenetic Innovations

Oct 28, 2013 to Oct 30, 2013

Location 129 Wilton Road
London, UK
Cost free
Details Summary:
Clinically-approved epigenetic therapies are currently effective in only one area: leukaemia. But this belies their true potential.

Treatments in development are rapidly expanding across disciplinary boundaries into solid tumours, inflammatory, neurological, metabolic and rare diseases.

Following extensive discussions with senior industry and academic experts, Pharma IQ's Epigenetic Innovations summit will focus on fundamental mechanisms, chemical targets and therapies unrestricted by therapeutic area. Expertise in bioinformatics, sequencing, medicinal chemistry and clinical assessment converge at this unique, three day meeting, will enable you to:
• Identify and refine demethylases and methyltransferase inhibitors for oncology, metabolic, pulmonary and infectious diseases - new findings from 4SC, Epitherapeutics, Cellzome, University of Freiburg Medical Centre and Imperial College London
• Apply structure-based drug design, label-free and biochemical assays to enhance target selection for inflammation - illustrated by GlaxoSmithKline
• Optimise epigenetic clinical trial design in the UK and EU - lessons from Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham and University Hospital Dresden
• Counteract epigenetic modulators involved in drug resistance in solid tumours -- novel case study from Genentech
• Apply functional validation of epigenetic targets using genetic tools - insights from Helmholtz Zentrum München

For more information about the sessions and speaker line-up of the only event covering oncology, inflammatory, fibrotic CNS, rare, metabolic and infectious diseases, simply download the event brochure at www.epigeneticinnovations.com/Brochure.aspx.

Keywords: fluorescence activated cell sorting (facs), chemoproteomics, proteoomics, metabolomics, friedrich's ataxia, parkinson's disease, compound screening, compound library, high-throughput screening, fragment-based drug discovery, microrna sequencing, dna data visualisation, genomic data visualisation, microfluidic devices, single-cell assays, histone modification analysis, medicinal chemistry for epigenetics, non-modified sirmna libraries, rnai screening, statistical methods for multiple-hypothesis testing, normalisation algorithms, qpcr sequencing, chromatin sequencing/profiling, next-generation dna sequencing/profiling, transcriptomics, transcription sequence analysis, protein sequence analysis, genome-wide sequence analysis, fluorescence biochemical assays, biochemical assays, fret microscopy, label-free assays, label-free direct binding assays, jumonji inhibitors, bet inhibitors, bromodomian inhibitors, computational biology, bioinformatics, pyrosequencing, nanopore sequencing, next-generation sequencing (ngs), chemical and enzymatic protein manipulation, protein and peptide separations, protein sequencing, mass spectrometry, proteomics, bisulphite sequence analysis, bisulphite sequencing, chromatin immunoprecipation sequencing (chip sequencing), histine deacetylation inhibitors (hdac inhibitors), deacetylation, acetylation, methylomics, methylome, methylation analysis, functional genomics, epigenetics, epigenomics, epigenome.
Venue IQPC Ltd.
RSVP http://atnd.it/19pjNzW

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