4th Annual Reducing Hospital Readmissions and Discharge Planning Conference

Jul 25, 2013 to Jul 26, 2013

Location 270 Collins Street
Melbourne, Australia
Cost 1754.50
Details Summary:

A practical 'case study' led conference which explores strategies to help reduce hospital readmissions across Australia.


"A practical 'case study' led conference which explores strategies to help reduce hospital readmissions across Australia.Pre-emptive Strategies to Identify, Predict and Prevent Unplanned Readmissions andImprove Discharge Processes in Australian Hospitals.An Innovative Conference Program Covering;> Keynote Address from Discharge Planning Association
Effective Hospital Discharge: The Vital Contribution of Social Work
Predicting Potentially Preventable Readmissions
Managing Readmissions andDischarge Planning for Patients with a Disability
Working with GPs Making Discharge Planning About Transfer of Care
Using LACE: A Predictive Index to assess the Risk of Readmission
Reducing Representations from an AMU
The Impact of Poor Medication Management on Hospital Readmissions
Case Study: Redesign of Barwon Healths Community Health andRehab Program
Case Study: Redesign of Patient Flow Unit andChanges to Discharge Coordinators Role at Calvary Healthcare ACT
Patient Perceptions of Discharge Planning andPost-Discharge Care following Serious Injury
Applying Activity Based Funding (ABF) Methodologies to improve Clinical Outcomes
Creating an Integrated Service Model for Health Independence Programs at Austin Health"

Website: http://atnd.it/1260eDf
Twitter: http://atnd.it/10xeghv

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Venue Novotel Melbourne
RSVP http://atnd.it/1260eDd

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