Corporate Cyber Security

Nov 12, 2013 to Nov 13, 2013

Location 123 Collins Street, 3000
Melbourne, Australia
Cost $ 1974.50
Details Summary:

The Corporate Cyber Security Summit will review cyber threats to Australia's private sector and will offer solutions to counter cyber attacks.Organised by Informa Conferences.


News about the latest cyber security breach, data being mined, and blueprints being stolen is present in the media every day. But this is only what is reported in the press and is just the tip of the iceberg.

Organisations across Australia’s private sector urgently need to understand what the future cyber threats will be, where the next cyber attacks will come from, and what they can do in order to better protect their data , IT Networks and Information Technology systems as a whole.

While the world is a lot more connected, and IT Systems are used increasingly within critical infrastructure, there is a lot more at stake for companies to worry about, particularly if information fraud, identity theft , data privacy breach and cybercrime is on the rise.

From the team that convened the highly successful ADM Cyber Security Summit ran over the last 3 years, the Corporate Cyber Security Summit will emphasize the essentialness of up to date modern security for Australia’s private sector corporations.



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Venue Grand Hyatt Melbourne

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