The ASA, CTL and GTL 2013 Conference

Oct 22, 2013 to Oct 23, 2013

Location 190 Elizabeth QLD
Brisbane, Australia
Cost $2964.50
Details Summary:

This event is the combining of 2 highly successful industry events (The inaugural Australian Syngas Association Conference 2012 and the AJM annual CTL and Coal Gasification Conference).


Confirmed speakers to date include:
Peter Bond, President, Australian Syngas Association / CEO and Managing Director, Linc Energy Ltd
Chris Schrape, Managing Director, Altona Energy Plc
Andrew Haythorpe, Managing Director and Chairman, Liberty Resources
Allan Blood, Chairman, Latrobe Fertilisers Limited
Duncan Seddon, Director, Duncan Seddon and Associates
Dr Yongbin Cui, Director of Australia Office, Synfuels China
Dr Cliff Mallett, Chairman UCG Association / Technical Director, Carbon Energy Limited
Senior Representative, PROCOM Consultants
Iain Baxter, Director of Business development, Compact GTL

Key Topics and Case Studies:
How will the industry develop and where do the opportunities lie?
Policy, Regulation, planning and land access
Opportunities and challenges involved with implementing GTL projects
How to successfully position and market CTL, GTL and Syngas - Learning from the CSG experience
Investment and sources of finance for projects in the current economic climate
Selling GTL and Syngas Products – Prospects and challenges for products and markets
Addressing environmental considerations and concerns
Technology update, readiness and transfer
Project updates addressing:
- Design and operating challenges
- Issues encountered on past gasification projects
- Future outlook and developments
- Partner relationships to enable complete solutions
- Lessons learned from international projects



Price: Speaker Presentations Separately: $764.50, 2 Day Conference: $2964.50

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Venue Hilton Brisbane

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