"Becoming - Corpus"

Sep 12, 2013 to Sep 15, 2013

Location 321 Ashland Place, Brooklyn
Brooklyn, NY
Cost $20 - 30
Details LEIMAY will present the world premiere of "Becoming-Corpus," a performance experience of dance, video and live electronic music, at Brooklyn Academy of Music's newest venue, BAM Fisher, located at 321 Ashland Place, September 12 to 15.

Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya, the artistic duo behind CAVE, The New York Butoh Festival and the Williamsburg SOAK festival, created "Becoming-Corpus" as a performance of meditative stillness and physical extremity within an environment of six-channel real-time video. The piece is conceived, directed and designed by Garnica and Moriya and choreographed by Garnica and the ensemble. Video programming is by Moriya. The performance is a light-and-dance experience of altered time and space, tracing the relationships and transformations among beings, the individual and society. It is accompanied by a visual art installation in the BAM Fisher's Peter Jay Sharp Lobby and a book documenting the process of making the piece.

In "Becoming-Corpus," eight dancers emerge from darkness and your attention becomes focused on the effect of light on their bodies as six live video projections from overhead play upon a lighted rectangle in which they are dancing. The bodies are 'wearing light and sound' and their movement is eruptive, based on sensations and intended for a visceral effect on the audience. The dancers' bodies communicate at a point 'before the knowable or sayable.' The score is a collage of dissonant echoes, interweaving elements like an old ballad tune 'gone wrong,' a car crash or a haunting record player turning on and off. The projections are colors, lines and abstracted geometric forms and their light becomes a living, interactive player. LEIMAY describes the work as "demanding an intensified experience of time, locating and de-locating impulses to move" and "forcing you to boundaries of self and questioning how you relate to others."

The accompanying visual art exhibition offers a perspective on LEIMAY's work through detritus of their creative process: cast-off elements of previous works. These include latex bodily skins, photos that are both printed and screen printed on the skins, and papier mache robot heads. It's a ghostly counterpart to the live performance that can also stand alone to the witness.

Venue BAM Fisher (Fisherman Space)
Website www.bam.org

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