Power and Commerce in the Internet Age

Nov 25, 2013 to Nov 26, 2013

Location 10 St James's Square
London SW1Y 4LE, UK
Cost GBP 450
Details From 9:30 am - 2:00 pm

This event will explore the shifts in power and influence facilitated by the advent of large-scale digital connectivity, in relations between states, governments, individuals and the private sector.

Is the internet fundamentally changing the face of politics?

Increased connectivity has changed state-to-state relationships and relations between governments, individuals and the private sector. Patterns of economic interaction and the nature, size and scope of the global economy are being transformed.

Join policy-makers, business leaders, expert netizens and activists to discuss the key issues that come with increased connectivity:
• How will the next 2 billion internet users affect the demand for services, products and methods of delivery?
• What can be done to minimize the risks of criminal activity online?
• Where does the balance lie between the benefits of governments and private sector actors having access to 'big data' and threats to privacy and anonymity?
• Will the internet fracture under the pressure of differing state approaches to controlling it?

Website http://atnd.it/180uOS4

Standard NGO/Academic/Association Early Booking Rate - bookable until 25 September: GBP 450 + VAT
Standard NGO/Academic/Association Rate: GBP 550 + VAT
Standard Government Early Booking Rate - bookable until 25 September: GBP 745 + VAT
Standard Government Rate: GBP 845 +VAT
Standard Commercial Early Booking Rate - bookable until 25 September: GBP 1,195 + VAT
Standard Commercial Rate: GBP 1,395 + VAT

clicktivism, democracy, identity, diplomacy, digital economy, privacy, cyber, connectivity, Policy, online, big data, internet, digital, mobile.

Artists / Speakers:
Subu Goparaju, Jeremy Goldkorn, Rick Falkvinge, Richard Dobbs, Herman Chinery-Hesse, Joel F Brenner, David Babbs, David Tennenhouse, Alec Ross, Hendrik Ilves, Ben Hammersley, Martin Howard, Jim Killock, Tomas Lamanauskas, Françoise Le Bail, Rebecca MacKinnon, James Powell, Roy Singham.
Venue Chatham House, Royal Institute of International Af
RSVP http://atnd.it/13CP68c

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