Oil and Gas Joint Ventures

Dec 10, 2013, 8:30AM to 12:30PM

Location Coram Street
London WC1N 1HT, UK
Cost £599
Details Effective partnership has long been identified by the oil and gas industry as a critical value proposition.

Within the industry, poor corporate communications and stakeholder/partner relations are the greatest but least recognised threat to any successful joint venture or multiple stakeholder project.

Despite its potential to wreak havoc in expensive capital projects, management and project teams still tend to focus on execution, technology and finance while the need to get aligned and stay aligned with partners and stakeholders is often the neglected orphan who takes a terrible revenge. With an over-reliance placed on the strength of the original idea and the agreements underpinning it to hold relationships together, all too often, critical communications interfaces are neglected, messages are distorted and corporate cultures clash. The result is always delay and increased cost and, often, litigation or even total venture collapse

SMi's masterclass hosted by Malwell Corporate Projects, will explain how relationships can be managed effectively to turn potential wedges into a value-generating, project-enabling common purpose. Good project relations will take up some of your time. Bad project relations will take up all of your time. This workshop is about getting it right.

Benefits of Attending:
• Identify the key communication threats to your project and what can be done to mitigate them.
• See how to turn a serious threat into a major project enabling asset.
• Understand how to integrate a corporate communications and stakeholder/partner relations management track into your overall project plan and run it cost-effectively.
• Explore strategies to restore flawed relationships and recognise when something’s going wrong.
• Appreciate how to reduce on-going risk in the initial negotiation and manage powerful corporate cultures.

Keywords: relationship management, partners, jv, joint venture, stakeholder, gtl, upstream, downstream, shale gas, unconventional gas, lng, flng, oil, gas

Artists / Speakers: Malwell Corporate Projects, Malcolm Wells.
Venue Holiday Inn Bloomsbury
RSVP SMI Group Ltd

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