Critical Incident Management

Dec 10, 2013, 12:30PM to 5:30PM

Location Coram Street, WC1N 1HT
London, UK
Cost £599
Details Delegates can develop knowledge, skills , understanding ,share ideas and good practice in relation to Critical Incident Management within own organisational structures & multi agency inter-operability

During an incident, managers are crucial and employees will look to them for guidance, information and instruction. How management behave in the immediate aftermath of an event has a major impact on recovery , closure and the ability to move on.

SMi's masterclass hosted by MJK Training & Consultancy Services , through the use of case studies of high profile Critical Incidents, will discuss and analyse the effects of CI mismanagement, in relation to both human and organisational costs. Delegates will be given the opportunity in a safe and structured environment to discuss, analyse, review and practice Critical Incident Management Skills for the modern era.

Keywords: critical incident defininitians, command structures, crisis planning, security manager job, hub security, events security, mass crisis events, critical incident management
Venue Holiday Inn Bloomsbury

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