Cosmetic Compliance

Oct 14, 2013 to Oct 16, 2013

Location 354 Queenstown Road
London SW8 4AE, UK
Cost £699
Details Discuss implementation of the Cosmetic Products Regulation, understand the financial and time impact on your business and develop a practical strategy for on-going compliance

Hear about the on-going challenges arising from the Regulation, including:

- How will the industry suffer given that no new animal tested materials can be used?
- Taking responsibility – The Responsible Person and their obligations
- Responsible Person – to outsource or not to outsource?
- What are the new implications of the inclusion of claims substantiation in the regulation?
- How will those responsible for monitoring and upholding advertising standards approach the issue?
- How will the increased cost of safety assessments, labelling updates and data management filter through to the consumer?
- What are the safety concerns in nanomaterials?
- With talk of a new update already on the horizon, what can we expect from the EU Commission in coming years?
- What do the leaders in the industry see as the biggest challenges for the industry going forward?

Venue Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel

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