Beira Development Corridor

Dec 2, 2013, 9:00AM to 5:00PM

Location Rua Macombe Nongue-Nongue, R.1.373 Sommerschield
1750 Maputo, Mozambique
Cost $1049-1499
Details Beira Development Corridor is an event that will focus on the rapid development and expansion of rail, road and port systems in the region. The transport infrastructure industry continues to offer huge potential for private sector investment. This event will offer key stakeholders the opportunity to network. It will also promote future business and allow for pertinent issues to be raised, which will facilitate a better understanding of current and future projects. The conference will also focus on other development projects in the region such as energy and water supply.
Beira has been long neglected, despite being Mozambique’s second-largest city.
The Beira Corridor is attracting investment of 300million Euros ($400.51 million) which is to be used by the company Corn elder, in order to boost productivity. The conference will focus on the infrastructure of the Beira Corridor, improving access to the transport infrastructure for export and imports of good and services.
Port of Beira
Beira has long been a transhipment port, processing cargo from landlocked Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia. The existence and rehabilitation improvement of the port of Beira will contribute more to the economic development of the city and central region of the country. The port is constrained by limited capacity of the railway lines from Tete linking Beira, which is also due to be rehabilitated

Who should attend?
Ministry of Transport and Communications
Ministry of Energy
Port, Road and Railway Authorities
Some of the key topics to be covered include:
Overview of the development and progress of projects
Investment outlook for the Corridor
Alternative finance solutions
Operational efficiency in transport management
Effective maintenance strategies for transport networks

Venue Girassol Indy Congress Hotel & Spa

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