DrivenWoman Women's Proactive Networking Group

Oct 14, 2013, 6:45PM to 9:00PM

Location 12 Moor Street
London, UK
Cost 0-10.00
Details DrivenWoman is a network for women who support, inspire and encourage each other to get through life’s obstacles to proactively move towards the life they want.

Are life’s circumstances stopping you from achieving what you want?

Our mission is to inspire every woman to create a better and more fulfilling life for herself - regardless of her current circumstances! We want to change how women view their opportunities in life in regards to being successful or simply being happier in their own body and mind.

The inspiration for founding this network came from a lack of groups that aim for tangible results and real change. Most networking groups are about impressing your fellow members with your success. We think everyone will define success their own way, and every ambition is equally valuable. For us constantly improving is more important than an ‘absolute’ idea of success.

At DrivenWoman women help each other to get through life’s obstacles and the fear of the unknown, to find a new level of confidence.

Join us for the Entry Group where we will go through Self-assessment and goal setting session, and start breaking your long- term vision into actionable short-term tasks. It’s also ok to say you are still searching for what you want. What ever your starting point, at the end of this session you will get a clear action plan to help you move towards the life you want.

“I’ve got more done in three months since joining DrivenWoman than I did in a previous year! DrivenWoman is seriously motivating and inspiring group that gets you going.” Jane De Croos, founder of ChilliDrops. For more member comments visit our website

Don’t forget to book early as we only allocate limited number of free tickets for each meeting!


Entry Group fee: 10.00
Free Trial: 00.00
Venue The Soho Collective

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