Wireless Medical Devices - West

Dec 3, 2013 to Dec 5, 2013

Location 150 W. San Carlos St.
San Jose, CA
Cost $1599
Details When it comes to your next wireless device, making informed decisions about connectivity, size, reliability, design, usability and other technical challenges is imperative to achieving a differentiated product on the market. This is the only 2-day conference in North America designed to give you a competitive advantage in the medical device space!

Track A - Consumerization of Wireless Medical Devices
-Opportunities in Wearable Technology
Speed to Market
-FDAs Approach to Connected Health, from the Chief Scientist of FDA/CDRH
-Capitalizing on the Quantified Self Movement
- Machine-to-Machine Communications
-Startup Acceleration and Portfolio Diversification Opportunities
-Health and Wellness App Development
-Designing Usability into Your Device
-Cross-Platform App Creation for Apple, IOS, Android and Others
-Gamification Tools and Applications

Track B Product Development for Wireless Medical Devices

-FDAs Approach to Connected Health, from the Chief Scientist of FDA/CDRH
-mHealth Data Security and Patient Safety
-New FDA Guidance on Mobile Medical Applications, Released September 23, 2013
-Combating RF Interference and RFID Challenges
-Converting a Legacy System Using Human Factors-Based Design
-Medical Device Interoperability with EMR and Data Transmission
-Designing Usability into the Device for Health Outcomes and Patient Engagement
-HIPPA Omnibus Rule Requirements


Website http://atnd.it/1cnVGQx

2 Day Conference: $1199
Conference + Wksp: $1599
Venue San Jose Convention Center
RSVP http://atnd.it/1bTkEdU

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