"The Republic, or My Dinner with Socrates" with Czech Marionettes

Nov 29, 2013 to Dec 15, 2013

Location 74A East Fourth Street
New York, NY
Cost $10,13,18
Details In Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre's "The Republic, or My Dinner with Socrates," playwright/director Vit Horejs dramatizes the historic role of the renowned philosopher with toga-clad puppets, shadow figures and live music. Plato compared the nation-state to a slow and heavy horse, that needs the sting of a gadfly to wake up. Socrates was that gadfly, serving as a self-appointed conscience to the state. Athens rewarded him for this service with a hemlock cocktail.

The same could be said today about American whistleblowers, whom we can now view with a chilling sense of deja-vu. The play examines historical and contemporary questions of justice, government and the rights and duties of citizens and the deeper questions of "metaphysical truth beyond the world as it appears." Playwright and director Horejs feels it is time to revisit these ageless issues in the words of the philosophers themselves. "We may not come to any conclusions, but we hope to open a dialogue in a true Socratic method," he says
Venue Presented by La MaMa E.T.C.
Website www.lamama.org
RSVP Box office (212) 475-7710, www.lamama.org

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