6th International Conference Advanced Suspension Systems

Mar 17, 2014 to Mar 19, 2014

Location Auguste-Viktoria-Straße 15
Wiesbaden, Germany
Cost 2.549,-€
Details Driving pleasure, sporty and comfortable ride quality are the main drivers during suspension systems development to set new standards for handling features.

The main challenge for the automotive industry is the development of advanced suspension systems with regard to the right balance between dynamic drive, comfort, weight, energy efficiency and price issues.

The growing complexity to integrate suspension systems demands an approach which takes the over-all functionality in consideration because the separate optimizing of each component reaches its limits. Moreover, the electrification trend adds challenges to engineers working in this area due to the weight balance.

Join us at our 6th Advanced Suspension Systems conference that will provide you with information and case-studies on the following subjects:

• Improve comfort, handling and driver safety
by learning the most important features of
advanced suspension systems
• Maximise driving comfort with active
suspension system components like
intelligent sensor technology
• Optimise energy efficiency and evaluate
different innovative concepts to reduce
carbon emission and fuel consumption by
discussing opportunities of lightweight
• Increase comfort and handling of
semi-active and passive suspension
systems by hearing about efficient material
solutions to integrate suspension systems in
the chassis
• Explore different concepts to develop
suspension and damping systems for
electric vehicles, trucks, off-road vehicles
and sports cars.

contact for detailed conditions: from 2.549,-€
Venue Dorint Pallas Hotel
RSVP http://atnd.it/1b8R80J

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