DrivenWoman Entry Group - New Kind of Women's Network

Jan 13, 2014, 6:45PM to 9:00PM

Location 12 Moor Street, W1D 5NG
London, UK
Cost £20.00
Details Imagine if you actually achieved what you always wanted. Launched that business, wrote that novel, made that career change, lived a bigger life – how amazing would that be? Too often those cherished projects get parked while we distract ourselves with the challenges of life, or comfort ourselves with another pair of shoes.

Well here’s a thought: instead of just talking about it let’s actually make that project happen. DrivenWoman is a brand new concept, a proactive network for women who are determined to achieve their dreams. Like Weightwatchers for the soul, at the monthly meetings members discuss how far they’ve got and what they need to achieve next in a supportive atmosphere. Unlike other networking groups, where business cards are swapped and referrals made, DrivenWoman members push each other to achieve and cheer each other on. It’s not networking, it’s lifeworking – focussing on what they need to do to make their dreams a reality and live that bigger life.




Venue The Soho Collective

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