One Voice International Conference and Expert Academic Roundtable 2014

Aug 16, 2014, 8:00AM to 6:00PM

Location 1600 17th Street
Denver, CO
Cost $275.00
Details The Expert Academic Roundtable (EAR) format is both a hybrid and distillation of the traditional highly effective format s of One Voice International Conferences and Forums for Educators since 2008. From the start, One Voice events have been designed and implemented to optimize interaction and engagement of scholarly presenters with one another, and meaningful discussion and brainstorming with educators in their audience. The tone and spirit of these events has always been unique. For example, educators from all over the world embraced the introduction of academic brainstorming sessions that dissected specific issues in education from a global point of view. The unusual programs culminated in international forums, wherein attendees encouraged the organization to define new and better ways to further augment its focus on problem solving and practical application of solutions thereby defined. The EAR format is the next evolution of this unusual approach to scholarly discussion with practical goals.
The objectives of The Expert Academic Roundtable (EAR) are built on the philosophy that One Voice presenter/educators do more than bring and present their work so it can be shared and discussed with peers and colleagues. They, in fact, hope that their work in some way adds, supports, and expands the foundation of research, creative thought, holistic design, and best practices that will support tangible positive change in education. Simply put, it’s not all about discussion; it is about action, the defining characteristic of One Voice.
By design, EAR participants obtain direct feedback from peers from far and wide that helps them to improve and enhance their work and presentations making the content ready for publication should they choose to be included in the next One Voice Collection. This year’s focus is a pilot of teacher designed, revolutionary school model accessible to all, fully democratic, project/portfolio based, and community owned.





Single registration before 6/16/14: $325.00
Single registration after 6/16/14: $350.00
each, with group of 4 before 6/16/14: $300.00
each, with group of 4 after 6/16/14: $325.00
each, with group of 6 before 6/16/14: $275.00
each, with group of 6 after 6/16/14: $300.00
Venue The Oxford Hotel

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