3rd International Conference Offshore Cabling 2014

May 20, 2014 to May 22, 2014

Location Hillmannplatz 20
Bremen, Germany
Cost €2549
Details Experience first-hand insights into efficient subsea cable installation processes and advanced technological tools.

Ancors, shipping and unforeseen challenges on the sea bed are the main risk for offshore power cables. They can put the offshore wind farm off the grid or delay the construction process of an offshore wind project and lead to a painful loss of money, material and time. Reliable strategies and tools for protecting the inner array as well as the export subsea cables during construction and operation is therefore vital for operating offshore wind farms in a cost-efficient manner. Pre-installation sea bed survey technologies and offshore cable installation processes have an urgent need for innovations and new concepts.

Fachtagung für Experten aus dem Offshore-Wind-Bereich, die sich mit Unterseekabelinstallations-Technologien, Anforderungen an die Legung von Export- und Inner-Array-Kabel, Innovationen in der Offshorekabel-Technologie, Pre-Installation Surveys, Offshorekabel "Repair und Maintenance" Strategien und der Lizensierung von Offshore-Projekten befassen. Die Konferenz wird auf englisch abgehalten.

Join us in Bremen for a focused two-day conference + workshop day, and in-depth discussions with your industry peers.

- Learn how latest intelligent offshore power
cables ease your subsea cable protection
strategy and save your resources
- Exchange the musts and nice to haves for
offshore cable installation processes and
take advantage of the lessons learned in
the North and Baltic Sea
- Gain insight into pre-installation sea bed
survey technologies and start saving time
and money from the outset
- Understand the specific requirements and
risks for inner array cabling to achieve safe
and efficient connection to your substation
- Discuss different approaches to offshore
cabling contracting and ensure a sound
basis for your cable installation project
Venue Swissotel Bremen
Website http://www.swissotel.de/hotels/bremen/
RSVP http://atnd.it/5501-0

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