Quantify Yourself: Data Gets Personal

Feb 3, 2014, 6:30PM to 8:30PM

Location 108 West 40th Street Between 6th and Broadway, New York, NY
New York, NY
Cost $10
Details Quantify Yourself: Data Gets Personal

If you're not integrating the Quantified Self approaches into your 2014 marketing plans, you're going to lose customers. Hear hear how the explosion in Quantified Self technology is creating countless opportunities for companies and individuals.

Featuring panelists from: R/GA, Digitas Health and the international Quantified Self network

The Quantified Self, or Lifelogging, is the increasingly popular practice of individuals tracking and analyzing data from their personal lives, uncovering and improving upon patterns in their fitness, emotions, relationships, health and more. What was once a passion isolated to a few Lifeloggers using paper or basic software is now embraced by millions. Product developers and marketers are introducing new tools at breakneck speed, including:

- Activity: Nike+ FuelBand, Jawbone UP, Fitbit Tracker

- Wellness: MyFitnessPal (diet), Personal Beasties (breathing), MeQuilibrium (stress)

- Sleep: Withings, WakeMake, SleepCycle

- Other: 23andme (personal genetics), RestWise (athletic performance/recovery)

The interest is not new. Adherents of Weight Watchers have been successfully losing weight and improving their health by tracking eating habits since 1963. Baseball players have used statistics to track their performances since statisctics were introduced in the 19th century. Even Benjamin Franklin kept a daily journal of the 13 personal virtues he strove to achieve.

But technology has catapulted Lifelogging into the mainstream. From sensors that automatically log data to mobile apps that facilitate tracking from anywhere to smart software that analyzes patterns and recommends changes, Lifelogging will only increase in popularity. And companies, governments and institutions are creating hundreds of Quantified Self applications to help their customers, constituents and employees become happier, healthier and in greater control of their lives.

Topics we’ll explore:

- How is the Quantified Self being used today? What are some popular applications and tools?

- How are companies using QS to advance their own objectives? Beyond product development are there other ways companies can leverage QS, e.g. advertising, partnerships, data mining, etc.

- What kind of data/reports are most useful and why? How is aggregate data from other Lifeloggers being utilized to improve the experience?

- Which consumer behaviors support the rise of Lifelogging? Are there specific personality types that gravitate toward the tools? How can the unengaged be converted to becoming active Lifeloggers?

- What are some of the biggest challenges QS designers and product managers need to understand?

- What is the future of QS?


Brendan Gallagher, SVP, Emerging Technology & Channels at Digitas Health

Jonathan Greene, Managing Director, Mobile and Social Platforms at R/GA

Will Turnage, VP, Technology & Invention at R/GA

Steven G. Dean - Founder of NY Quantified Self and Partner at Prehype

Featured moderator: Julia Rubinic of SpringStudio

Venue Croton Reservoir Tavern
Website http://www.meetup.com/brandhacker/events/160705322
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