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Boyle Unloads On Holiday Parties: ‘Get Your Shit Together And Get Back To Work’

Breitbart NewsMatthew Boyle proved during his tenure at The Daily Caller that he’s a bit of a loose cannon as far as being a part of D.C.’s press corp. goes.

His news-gathering techniques demonstrated a certain contempt for the traditional way things work in the city; like the time he told a DNC spokesman if he didn’t respond to questions by deadline, he would essentially make up the answers.

In his latest demonstration of just how much he despises the D.C. culture., often viewed as exceedingly insular, Boyle posted a screed on Facebook against the most least threatening Washington feature of all: holiday parties.

“I can’t stand the damned D.C. holiday party circuit,” Boyle wrote on his own Facebook Wednesday. “It’s another example of everything that’s wrong with the Washington Culture.”

His rant continued… Read more

Camp Gretawire

In which we check in with Gretawire to see what Van Susteren is chatting about and what her boisterous fan club is saying back.

Take a gander at Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren “Gretawire” blog. She plays host to a community like no other.

In a morning post, Van Susteren ran a comment from one of her readers. Van Susteren had asked readers if their co-workers are “enthusiastic about their jobs.” The comments soon came pouring in.

Here’s the comment the reader left in full:

“I told you before, it is all about coming to work 10 minutes late, starrting [sic] to eat their breakfast at their desk, 3 breaks in the morning, microwave popcorn all day, taking smoke breaks, playing on the computer and iPhone, gossiping about co workers, alienating those that are trying to be productive and positive, and shutting down the computer 20 minutes before your shift ends to use the bathroom or whatever.”

Van Susteren highlighted that comment, urging readers to “run from” anyone who might resemble this reader in the work place.

And with that, another chain of responses from loyal readers. Here are the top six:

6. “Catgirl” finds chicken bones, gay diary:

“There was a person who used my desk at night after I left for the day. Every morning I’d come in and have to wipe off the coffee rings and crumbs. One day I was smelling something funny and I was looking all over for it. Seemed to get worse by the day… 2 or 3 days later I found the source… some chicken bones in a far dark corner under my desk.

“At one time I had temps coming in for the evening. One morning I found WordPerfect files w/strange names. Turns out the guy was keeping a journal of his gay exploits in great detail and presumably forgot to transfer them to a disk. I didn’t read them all… the first couple paragraphs were enough.”

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Why Washington D.C. Gossip Sucks

Leading today’s gossip column in The Hill is a double bylined item on filthy rich philanthropist David Rubenstein, who last week compared pandas having sex to members of Congress.

The item is late — the forum where Rubenstein said the entertaining only for Washington comment was Thursday morning at The Atlantic‘s Ideas Forum at the Newseum. But worse than that, the gossip column is trying to use sex in a boring way and then doesn’t even bother to put the word in the headline. So the headline reads: “David Rubenstein: Congress reminds me of pandas.”

The meaning behind Rubenstein’s sexless remarks is that pandas only reproduce for three hours a day one day a year. Which, he says, is the amount of time that Congress works.

Hardly leaves us panting. Insert forced laughter here.

Correction: It’s worse than we thought. The interview with Rubenstein was actually Thursday morning, not Friday as we had it earlier.

TWT’s Brett Decker Calls it Quits

TWT has announced the resignation of its Editorial Page Editor Brett Decker. He has held the position since 2009. Among his predecessors are the late Tony Blankley and Tony Snow.

At least outwardly everyone is playing nice, although the release couldn’t sound more stiff and political. President and CEO Larry Beasley “thanked Mr. Decker for his contributions in furthering The Times’ reputation as a leading voice of conservative thought and opinion, and said The Times will continue to build on that reputation as it adapts to serve its readers in today’s fast-changing digital news environment.”

TWT is on the prowl for a new Editorial Page Editor. Until then… Read more

And Now a Word From the Mother of Dave Hughes

Parasite and noted shitty speller “DCRTV Dave,” or Dave Hughes to those of you checking the Megan’s Law registry (I kid. I kid because…he’s kinda scummy), were in for a treat in the “mailbag” today.

“Shirtless in Shirlington” writes, “Hey Dave have you ever or would you ever do DCRTV DAVE TV shirtless like the FBI agent who sent his shirtless pix to the military broad?”

Dave replied, “I did do a shirtless ‘Dave TV’ episode last year, while I was shaving my head. All the “request for sex” notes I got from women (hello Betsy) and men was somewhat overwhelming so I decided to never do that again. Ha ha ha…..”

Here’s a little pro-tip for you, Dave… Read more

Literary Blogger Gets Axe At Commentary After Publishing Unapproved Gay-Marriage Post

Commentary magazine, rarely the subject of controversy, aired some dirty laundry over the weekend.

Literary blogger D.G. Myers was given the boot from the publication and quickly suggested the reason involved his support of gay marriage. Commentary Editor John Podhoretz, who vehemently denies the termination involved gay marriage, told FishbowlDC that he has “made no decision” on whether they’ll work together again in the future.

On Saturday, Myers wrote on his personal blog a “statement” on his “firing” from Commentary. On Thursday, he explained, Podhoretz wrote and informed him that he was being terminated. The notice came an hour after Myers had published a post in defense of gay marriage on his literary blog, which had a home on Commentary‘s site.

“Whether I was fired for the substance of what I wrote or for violating the magazine’s procedures is unclear even to me, especially since my followup emails have gone unanswered,” Myers wrote in his statement. He said in the post that he published his gay-marriage piece without approval, which he said he typically didn’t have to gain on the literary blog.

After Myers published his piece about the “firing,” some fans attacked Podhoretz on Twitter… Read more

Morning Stink Bomb: Obama Campaign Spox Mentions Potential B.O.

Uncomfortable laughs all around this morning on MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown” as Luke Russert greeted a guest. She was President Obama‘s Campaign Spokeswoman Jen Psaki, who opened the interview with a little joke. At least we hope it was a joke.

“Goodness for you I showered this morning after two days on the plane,” Psaki said, as Luke let out the most fake laugh imaginable, a nervous laughter that went on a touch too long.

As the interview came to a close, he said, with another uncomfortable chuckle, “Have a good time out there on the road.” She replied, “I will try.”

Pundits, Journos Get Pounded (Again)

Journos and pundits felt the sting of strangers’ words last night as they covered the debate. Such is the norm these days in online media.

As Matthew Ortega (who’s he? beats us, we’d never heard of his highness before), a hip hop aficionado and a digital director in Washington, proceeded to call us “trash”, RedState Editor and CNN Contributor Erick Erickson was also taking his online beating. “You sir are an idiot,” declared Sam Cantanzaro (i.e. @samsfoodblog).

Even The Fix, WaPo‘s politically neutral blog wasn’t immune. “Losers: you,” remarked @johnspeake. To which the blog’s proprietor, Chris Cillizza, graciously replied, “Always.”

WaPo‘s Ezra Klein lashed out more generally at all pundits, even though he often straddles a delicate line of punditry, journalism and Democratic strategy. “If pundits want to say who won politically, as opposed to on substance, they should wait for polls of actual voters,” he wrote.

Of course there’s always an element of pettiness that emerges on nights like these. “John King needs a haircut. Time pressure of a campaign must be keeping him from the barber,” wrote Ari Fleischer, a bald CNN Contributor who appeared on the network last night alongside the hairy King.

And insults are a pastime. “The fact that Chris Wallace poses as a straight news reporter is a total joke,” wrote ClearChannel’s Colby Hall, referring to the “Fox News Sunday” host “What a douche.”

During the previous debate, CNN Democratic Political Contributor Paul Begala was told to get a brain and grow some hair. This time, the brilliantly named @eatmerawson remarked, “Paul Begala, you always look like you’ve just sucked on a lemon when you speak on air. Eat some more lemons sourpuss.” Eat Me Raw tagged on a smiley face for good measure.

At 11:22 p.m. Katrina vanden Heuvel of The Nation came unglued and… Read more

P.R. Woes: When Access Isn’t Worth It

It looks like the connection PR Collaborative and FishbowlDC once shared is up in flames.

Renee Tsao, a publicist with the D.C-based media relations company, called this morning to vent about my “mean” post on the screening of The Paperboy– the screening she invited me to attend Monday. Oh, and to inform me FishbowlDC is no longer invited to attend her screenings.

Yesterday I wrote the “7 Things You Better Know Before Seeing (Or Not Seeing) ‘The Paperboy.’”  In the post I described the film as “the nastiest, crudest, most disturbing movie we’ve seen this year.” That remains true, even after having seen Tyler Perry‘s latest Madea movie.

The description “crossed the line,” said Tsao. She said she didn’t expect everyone to enjoy the absolute horror of a film, but said she expected news media to “at least” be respectful when writing about it. And calling a woman “you bitch” while she masturbates is respectful (happened in the movie)? She also said it wasn’t my “job” to review movies.

First, my job. Since when is it Tsao’s job to tell me what mine is? At FishbowlDC I cover the media in D.C. It just so happens movies are a medium. Second, I’m almost at a loss for words on Tsao describing my post as disrespectful. Almost.

I didn’t write a review, but even if I had, what of it? I actually wrote a warning. The Paperboy was a nightmare projected on an over-sized screen. And not the “scary” kind of nightmare you wake up and feel relieved from before resting your little head. But the kind of nightmare that upon awakening, forces you to turn the lights on in every room and then sit up watching Tony Robbins infomercials at 3 a.m. because you can’t sleep. That’s how foul the movie was.

Tsao complained that none of the “other media” who attended her screening wrote anything like my post. Leaving aside the fact that we’re not “other media,” it should go without saying that DCist and “Yeas and Nays” of the Washington Examiner — both of which attended — aren’t exactly known for peeling back the layers of events they attend. Unless that layer is covered in a Georgetown Cupcake wrapper. Then they’ll peel it off with haste.

Regardless, neither DCist nor Yeas and Nays have write-ups (yet) of The Paperboy. But we did find a review in The Observer. Unsurprisingly, they came away feeling the exact same way I did.

From The Observer:

“For now, avoid at all costs a trash-wallow about sex and inbred Southern racism called The Paperboy. The director is Lee Daniels, who shocked and turned off a sizeable portion of the public three years ago with Precious. Maybe shock for the sake of nothing else is what he stands for, but regardless of what you thought about his disturbing feature debut, it was light years ahead of The Paperboy. This raunchy dreck, cut from the same disposable toilet tissue as the recent trailer-trash creepfest Killer Joe, is a leap downhill from Precious.”

(It’s worth noting that Precious is one of my favorite movies.)

Tsao is under the impression that inviting media to attend her events is a guarantee that she’ll approve of what’s written about them. Read more

What’s Weingarten Writing?

Making a joke about POTUS’s country of origin is hardly pushing any line these days. It’s an easy layup. It’s the joke the guy next to you at the bar tells over and over again to anyone who will listen. Or it can be told to you by WaPo‘s own Pulitzer Prize-winning humorist, Gene Weingarten. In this week’s column, Gene tackles Barack Obama’s college records. For every liberal that whines about Mitt Romney not releasing his tax returns, a conservative fires back that Obama won’t release his college records. It’s gotten so bad that Gene tells us about a conservative website who will offer $20,000 to anyone who can give proof of POTUS’s college records. Gene decides to make light of the situation and try to collect on those funds.

Here are some things Gene says we can find in his college records… Read more