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The Battle

Twitchy and Ezzy Engaged in Battle of Wills

In a brave new nasty world of online reporting, things can get twitchy.

Today, Twitchy, the right-leaning site that highlights weird or entertaining happenings on Twitter, engaged in a battle of wits with WaPo‘s left-wing blogger Ezra Klein.

Twitchy went after Klein on a nuance of a technicality. In other words, he made a mistake, they went after him for a post one of his writers did on VP Paul Ryan saying the Janesville plant shut down during the Obama Administration and then they nailed him for what they deemed was his not properly highlighting the mistake. Klein’s blog maintains that Ryan was misleading. The decision to close the plant was made during the Bush Administration. The actual shut-down happened under Obama’s leadership.

Twitchy thinks Klein needs to apologize for being a liar. “We are right,” Klein tweeted in response to their accusations. Somehow we don’t see an apology happening in this century.

Take a look here. See the latest version of post that started the squabble here.

TWT‘s Curl Goes After ABC’s Tapper

Don’t look for TWT Columnist and Drudge’s Joe Curl and ABC News Senior White House Correspondent Jake Tapper to kiss and make up anytime soon. Curl, a former White House correspondent, took a machete to the mainstream media in a Sunday column, taking large slices out of the media covering President Obama as a whole and ripping on TIME and MSNBC Contributor Mark Halperin. But he took special care and precision in going after “The Tap” as he writes, pointedly and personally mocking Tapper.

Curl begins with the “dog” metaphor and stretches it out, saying that the MSM has been in the “downward-facing dog position” for the past four years. And then, employing the reporter’s full name, the almost uncomfortable attack on “Jacob Paul ‘Jake’ Tapper” begins.

Tapper worked for Handgun Control Inc. and the “ultra-liberal” Salon magazine, writes Curl, who then goes after his wife, whom he does not name, indicating she’s the “former regional field manager for Planned Parenthood Federation.” He moves on to Tapper’s book, Down and Dirty: The Plot to Steal the Presidency, calling it a “mega-non-best-seller” and citing the author speaking about media bias. Then Curl twists the knife by making fun of an appearance on ABC’s “This Week.”

Tapper has been praised by conservatives for asking tough questions that some think make him decidedly anti-Obama: National Review Online writer Jonah Goldberg: “There’s a reason why ABC’s Jake Tapper is one of the few nonconservative reporters respected on the right: He’s stayed as skeptical of Obama as he was of George W. Bush.” National Review Editor Rich Lowry: “In May, a bi-partisan majority of the House, including 20 Democrats, voted to ban abortion for the purpose of sex selection. As the National Right to Life Committee noted, it didn’t occur to reporters to ask the White House about the president’s position on the legislation, with the honorable exception of Jake Tapper (who, for some reason, is always the honorable exception).” Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham: “Jake Tapper of ABC News, one of the few honest brokers out there in the non-Fox White House Press Corps.”

This won’t sit well. Washington can feel like a small town where media is concerned, so this should make for some exquisitely awkward party moments. We just hope we’re there to witness them.

Tapper declined to comment on Curl’s column.

An excerpt:

…America’s reporters are prepared to do what must be done so they can get back to their skewered shrimp in the faux gardens of upper Manhattan — with Barack Obama back in the White House.

All of this comes as a tremendous shock to Jacob Paul “Jake” Tapper. The Dartmouth grad who once worked for Handgun Control Inc. and the ultra-liberal Salon magazine (is his wife a former regional field manager for Planned Parenthood Federation? Yes, yes she is) did not really know there was this “liberal bias” when authoring the mega-non-best-seller “Down and Dirty: The Plot to Steal the Presidency” (surprisingly, it was not about how Al Gore tried to steal the presidency). and Daily Caller Editors Lash Back at Politico’s Suspended Scribe Joseph Williams

Not exactly known to be wallflowers, Editors at and The Daily Caller fought back today against comments made by Politico‘s suspended White House Correspondent Joseph Williams this morning on Current TV’s “Full Court Press.”

Williams repeatedly blamed the publications for the hype surrounding his suspension and said publications like The Daily Caller and were “in the business of gathering scalps.”

FBDC reached out to brass at and The Daily Caller to see how they’re reacting to his accusations.

John Nolte, an editor at, a site that regularly lays into Politico for being what they claim is left wing and MSM, said Williams has their intentions all wrong and says he hopes Politico higher ups go easy on him.

“Breitbart news isn’t after ‘scalps,’” he wrote. “This is about exposing to the general public who the media is and what the media does. Our so-called media watchdogs won’t hold the media accountable, so it’s up to New Media and the general public to do so. Like Keith Olbermann, Soledad O’Brien, Ben Smith or Ken Vogel — that job is only made easier when a Joe Williams is employed as a “reporter” at a Politico or any other left-wing news outlet disguising itself as objective. We not only hope Politico keeps Mr. Williams on, we hope they promote him from White House Correspondent to Senior White House Correspondent.”

Daily Caller Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson, who has sparred with reporters at Politico for years and repeatedly tied Politico to MSNBC to brand the publication as left wing, remarked, “Supposedly objective White House correspondent accuses GOP candidate of racism on the basic of no evidence? Seemed like a pretty obvious story to us,” he wrote by email. “By the way, Williams made those comments in public, on Twitter, so I’d hate to think it took our piece to get his bosses to notice he’s a nut, though that’s what he claims.”

English Translation: Breitbart‘s Loesch and Mediaite‘s Christopher Go to War

Mediaite White House Correspondent Tommy Christopher and editor Dana Loesch started the weekend off right by waging a “You lie! No, you lie!” Twitter war on Friday., a right-leaning site, has the argument played out in full but it’s a complete fustercluck (a word introduced to us recently by the Washington Examiner‘s Kytja Weir) we can barely follow.

The gist: Loesch sent out tweets analyzing the politics of GOP hopeful Mitt Romney‘s repudiation of anti-Obama groups attempting to make Rev. Jeremiah Wright an issue in this election. The blog Little Green Footballs picked up the tweets and suggested Loesch or her Breitbart colleagues were in cahoots with the Romney campaign and attended a “secret meeting.” Loesch  anticipated Christopher would do a writeup on it. He did. Like a ferocious lioness, Loesch attacked, calling Christopher a “hack.” She said Christopher implied Loesch had attended this “secret meeting” in D.C. despite the fact that she was hosting her radio program in Missouri at the time.

The feud turned unnecessarily bitchy. Christopher parsed his words to demonstrate that everything he wrote about Loesch was technically accurate and wrote up a clarification. Loesch thanked him kindly but started a snarky hashtag, #tommylogic, parodying his writing.

Playing off the idea that she could be both at a “secret meeting” and hosting her show simultaneously, Loesch then got her followers to start the hashtag #teleportingdana. Exhausted yet?

The Daily Caller‘s Mary Katherine Ham jumped in, tweeting, “I read the whole piece, Tommy. It clearly & unfairly implies she either was at the mtg…” Enter Loesch’s husband Chris, a producer on Loesch’s radio show, who valiantly defended his wife’s honor. “Love how the left simultaneously cuts down @DLoesch while giving her more powers… She can do everything! #TeleportingDana”

Without taking sides, we note how Loesch riled up her troops followers to gang up on Christopher. For that reason alone, on a scale of 1 to 10 punches, we give this fight 8.5 punches with a headlock for Christopher.

Stu Follows Story by ‘Atrocious’ Outlet

It’s an open secret these days that some of the big boys at Politico (Alex Burns, Dylan Byers) are butting heads with Roll Call Columnist Stu Rothenberg. Rothenberg recently called Politico‘s journalism “atrocious”, but he may want to watch it on conceptually mimicking a story that the outlet he can’t stand wrote five days earlier.

On May 15 Rothenberg wrote a column with the following headline: “Is Pennsylvania In Play for November? Maybe.” Four days earlier on May 10, Charlie Mahtesian, a blogger and editor, wrote, “Is Pennsylvania a Swing State or not?” Both stories question whether Pennsylvania will seriously be in play for the presidential election.

As the battle is brewing, may we suggest a good old-fashioned Twitter fight? Or Politico can run a special live show and invite Stu on as a special guest. Politico‘s Executive Editor Jim VandeHei will moderate. Juana Summers will pipe in from Pennsylvania. It’ll be a great time.


The War Continues…

The friction between Mediaite‘s White House Correspondent Tommy Christopher and The Daily Caller continued to smolder yesterday as Christopher took to his site to get in a late afternoon dig at the publication’s Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson, calling it a “no-name” site. This came on the heels of The Daily Caller’s TV writer Jeff Poor dinging Christopher over the weekend for a recent story on presumed Presidential nominee Mitt Romney using what he perceived to be a racist sign against President Obama.

The feud has been brewing for sometime. On April 1 Christopher wrote a story highlighting that The Daily Caller, among other conservative publications, had “turned against Trayvon Martin.”

Late last night at approximately 2 a.m. Christopher took to Twitter to give Daily Caller reporter Alex Pappas, who once left the publication for the Washington Examiner only to return less than five months later, a piece of advice. Christopher wrote, “Your name rings a bell, I get the sense you might be a good guy. Quit that rag if you are.” Before that the exchange grew ugly after Pappas challenged Christopher’s story attacking Carlson and The Daily Caller. Christopher’s former editor Colby Hall, now at ClearChannel, jumped into the fray in his former reporter’s defense. Christopher wrote to Pappas, “Thanks for confirming your site is a race-baiting sewer. Gnite” Pappas also bid his foe a good night, saying, “Anyway, I’m not your editor. Gnite.” Christopher linked to yesterday’s FBDC story about the dust-up saying, “Bunny-boiler Jeff Poor goes after my family, after his boss Tucker Carlson begged me to let up on his psycho ‘reporter.’”

Christopher charged Monday that Poor was retweeting things that could endanger his brother and his children. Poor’s retweets concerned Christopher’s possible real name, his brother, Jesse McNulty, being a “colorful” character in Georgia and an assertion that Christopher bears a similar nose to that of NYT Exec. Dir. of Marketing Diane McNulty. Christopher also declared that whatever truce existed between he and Carlson a month earlier about The Daily Caller disclosing his real name is off.

The headline of Christopher’s column late Thursday afternoon: “Goldie Taylor Rips Tucker Carlson For Bathing In ‘Filth And Bigotry Of Fringe Right-Wing Propaganda’”

And the lede:

“During an appearance on Don Lemon‘s CNN Newsroom Sunday night, cable news commentator and social critic Goldie Taylor blasted The Daily Caller for digging up the nugget that President Obama ate dog meat as a 6 year-old, and putting it on their ‘no-name’ website.”

Update: Christopher’s story blasting The Daily Caller‘s Trayvon Martin coverage published on April 1, not yesterday afternoon as was previously reported. The above has been changed to reflect it.

It’s War! Daily Caller and Mediaite White House Writer Engage in Bitter Battle

Whatever truce allegedly existed between The Daily Caller and Mediaite‘s Tommy Christopher is kaput. Ill feelings toward Christopher erupted this weekend when the DC’s TV writer Jeff Poor wrote an opinion piece . The headline was, “Real Men of Genius: Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher.” The piece focused on Christopher’s latest charge that a campaign sign by Mitt Romney struck a racist tone against President Obama. The situation grew to a fevered pitch when Poor revealed Tommy’s supposed real name in a tweet: “Tommy Christopher’s real name is Thomas McNulty. Do I win a prize? His brother is kinda freaky, too.” Christopher won’t dispel the mystery. His name is also believed to be Thomas Beller.

Christopher, who wrote a series of stories against The Daily Caller regarding what he considered the publication’s racist portrayal of the Trayvon Martin case, is incensed by what he is calling Poor’s “media campaign” against his brother, Jesse McNulty, who lives in Georgia, and Christopher’s two children.

“His boss, Tucker Carlson, contacted me after the name thing started to make his site look worse than it already did, and begged me for a truce,” Christopher told FishbowlDC by email referring to the flap over Poor revealing that Christopher was writing under a pseudonym. “At first, I told him to shove it up his ass, since Jeff’s freakish obsession with me had already resulted in threats to my family, including my children. Over the course of a long conversation, I reluctantly agreed to stop pointing out how he had allowed his website to become an outlet for Jeff Poor’s Hinckley-esque vendetta. That agreement has now been broken by Mr. Poor and Mr. Carlson.”

Asked if he would consider having a beer with Carlson or Poor, Christopher replied, “If either of these assholes wants to have a beer with me, I suggest they bring extra ice.”

Poor had words in kind about Christopher. He told FishbowlDC, “Tommy hiding behind his family is disgraceful. I imagine when his son is older, he’ll be embarrassed that his father used him for cover whenever someone was critical of his ploys to whore for traffic and to get on television. Maybe he needs to consider another profession if this heat is too much for him. And for God’s sake, he needs to stop whining to my boss like he’s my father. He talks about a truce, but he doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to confront me personally about this so-called truce? I don’t email his boss Dan Abrams every time he wants to take me on for something. What is this, second grade? Grow up, Tommy.”

More from Tommy after the jump and how he doesn’t “give a rat’s ass” what Poor thinks. Also…Poor encapsulated his entire distaste for Christopher’s journalism in one sitting.

Read more

Fmr. Roll Call Editor Fires Back from Beijing

We brought you the news yesterday of former Roll Call Features Editor and Intern Coordinator Debbie Bruno, who wrote a controversial op-ed for The Christian Science Monitor in which she recalls questionable hiring practices. She said she was told to hire interns based on race.

Roll Call Editorial Director Mike Mills shot back at her late Wednesday afternoon, saying, Bruno was “wrong” and was doing a disservice her former colleagues. (See his full quote in the link above.)

Late last night, we reached Bruno in Beijing, who had this stinging response for Mills: “I’ll give Mike Mills the benefit of the doubt that he just didn’t know about the order,” she wrote by email. “But it’s been heartwarming to hear from so many current and former Roll Callers, who don’t feel I’ve done them a disservice at all. I guess they appreciate the truth.”

But some Roll Call staffers are less than thrilled about the op-ed and are chalking Bruno’s deed up to an ex-editor trying to burn as many bridges as possible. On that note, Bruno joked over email, “And now I’m going to go get a tattoo of a burned bridge on my arm.”

Alec Baldwin Despises The Washington Times

Actor Alec Baldwin fell for the easiest lure in the book last night during Super Tuesday coverage — Twitter baiting. The result? He says he hates TWT. But hey, at least he didn’t call the pub or TWT senior opinion writer Emily Miller a “a thoughtless little pig” like he did his daughter back in 2007. Miller remarked to FBDC, “Alec Baldwin needed to be shut down from his baseless attack on all political reporters. Since he thinks none of us ‘really matter’, I’d like to know what this actor brings to the public discourse that is so important.” Watch out, Alec. Consider yourself baited. Again.

ALEC: “The question is: Does any of this political press really matter? Conservative, liberal, any of it? Not much, really.”

EMILY:  “But actors do?” she wrote with a simple retweet of his message.

ALEC: “@EmilyMiller God, I can’t stand the Washington Times.”

EMILY: “Lord, I can’t stand leftists,” she shot back.

Did Current TV Bank on This?

When Al Gore hired Keith Olbermann to anchor his primetime line-up, he knew he was getting a bomb-thrower more than a newsman. Just how much more, he might not have known.

On Monday, Current’s Chief News Officer created an uproar when he and guest Markos Moulitsas joked about alleged rapes at Occupy Wall Street protests. This is always a dumb move. He later doubled-down on the stupid when he tweeted “No Occupy rapes, no cover-up, no apology, no retraction…” and accused BigGov’s Andrew Breitbart of creating the whole thing in an attempt to discredit the protests.

When Big Journalism Contributor Lee Stranahan complied all the rape and sexual assault stories about Occupy in one post for the world to see, you’d think that would’ve been the end of it. But Olbermann’s ego won’t allow anyone to have the last word on anything, so he “debunked” each one, one by one.

Unfortunately for Keith, the Breitbart websites are not the silent, wallflower types even if their writing is sometimes abominable.

In his “debunking,” Olbermann changed his tune from “No Occupy rapes” to “Because almost none of the allegations are of rape and most of this list are duplicated…” to “2 stories duplicated” to “Occupy MEMBERS were victims.” That’s quite a journey in just one day, especially without ever acknowledging his position completely changed.

Even still, where he ended up, that the victims and not the perpetrators were the only Occupy people involved in these rapes and sexual assaults, isn’t the truth. After Olbermann’s “debunking, Stranahan was back a few hours later with a section by section debunking of what Olbermann said. Keith then went silent, maybe to bed, maybe to play with his baseball cards, or maybe to Stuart Smalley in the mirror to calm his nerves.

On a final note, Olbermann tweeted, “Here’s a wager: @DLoesch (Editor-in-Chief of Big Journalism) and @AndrewBreitbart will NOT post the video of tonight’s debunking.” They did. No terms were offered, but here’s a wager: Olbermann won’t admit they made a fool of him.