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Archives: July 2006

Morning Reading List, 07.31.06


  • Paul Farhi explains “It Pays to Be a Print Journalist — in Films.”

  • Howard Mortman: Dana Milbanktakes more friendly fire.”

  • Fox News’ discrimination suit near settlement.”

  • Tucker, from the war zone:

      “Well, Alison, about an hour after we got here, we found ourselves sitting on the patio of our hotel having a lunch of Stilton cheese, walnuts and Perrier.” — Tucker Carlson, living large in Lebanon, The Most, July 24

      “So tonight, if–it’s quite late here; I won’t even say what time it is, but it’s very late–if we were to go out, there are places open right now?” — Tucker Carlson, looking to bar hop in Beirut, Tucker, July 25

  • The legal ramifications of Jessica Cutler (the 15 minutes continue…)
  • Online Papers Modestly Boost Newspaper Readership” (More here)

  • Jack Shafer is in a cat fight.

  • Newspapers to Use Links to Rivals on Web Sites.”

  • Deborah Howell’s column, summarized: Milbank? Not so great. Virginity? A-okay.

  • “This Week” scored Lance Armstrong this past weekend? Hot.

  • On Channel 5 at 11, Just One Anchor, and No Chair.”

  • The Nation v. The Washington Times

    We hear a bit more about Max Blumenthal’s upcoming piece for The Nation magazine, which we reported on Friday.

    A source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, informed us that the article, which comes out in early September, aims to be an extensive, devastating expose of the Washington Times that relies on numerous sources inside the newsroom to expose “the racism and sexism of [Managing Editor] Fran Coombs, as well as the craven attempts by [Company President] Douglas Joo and [Editor in Chief] Wes Pruden to cover up for him.”

    Uh-oh, this could get ugly. W.Timers: Let us know the vibe within the newsroom regarding Blumenthal’s piece…

    And will this September piece support the also-forthcoming writings of George Archibald and Robert Redding, Jr.?

    Redding writes in to tell us:

    “I plan a series of podcasts on the subject to be available on this fall. I am undecided about what to call this out of the box series. Why a podcast? I am using my more than a decade of radio broadcasting experience to record these unrestricted podcasts to ensure that the truth gets out.”

    Taking Out The Trash, 07.28.06

  • More than 250 nominations for Hottest Media Types. Well done, Washington. Your Top Ten finalists in each category to come, just as soon as we stop drooling…

  • Keep your mouses pointed to Paul Bedard’s Washington Whispers column next week. We hear that he’s got some good stuff on Wolf Blitzer’s stress management routines, the latest on Jeff Gannon, and how Katie Couric is buttering up some Inside-the-Beltway big wigs.

  • John Dickerson gives us our props. Holla.

  • AP reports that “An Unreasonable Woman” author Diane Wilson is on her fourth week of a hunger strike to oppose to Iraq War. Wilson, founder of Code Pink, can be found in Lafayette Park. She is on day 24 of her water only diet.

  • Hotline Vs. The Note was not exactly the throw down we thought it would be.

  • Howard Mortman gives us New Republic editor Franklin Foer’s take on the super importance of weekly magazines. What 24 hour news cycle?

  • Is it ever ok to make a comparison to Hitler? The Washington City Paper says it’s a-okay.

  • If Slate’s Jack Shafer was looking for feedback on his “dumber” comment, he certainly got it.

  • In a recent chat with Gwen Ifill, a former viewer complains that the show is “too white” to watch.

  • Ann Coulter LOVES to be on the D.C. talk shows, even as more newspapers are dropping her column. But are we ready for Coulter The Movie? According to Coulter’s website, someone has produced a 40 minute documentary about her entitled, “Is It True What They Say About Ann?” Do we really want to know?

  • Says one reader (in reference to this): “How did a 25 year old groupie of an N Sync boy get hired by the Post, much less allowed to blab about such a stupid topic?!”

  • NPR scored the first radio interview with Floyd Landis on Friday.

  • What do you people make of Ana Marie Cox’s new job? Wonkette has a round up of opinions

  • Database Journalism Wins Knight-Batten Honor for Innovation.

  • Need a quick laugh (or to crib a bad headline?) Check out the American Journalism Review’s website and click on “Take 2.” Keep refreshing the site to get the next, good laugh (just hope you don’t see one of your own posted there!)

  • Yawn…Another week, another Meet the Press Victory. “According to Nielsen Media Research data, “Meet the Press with Tim Russert” outperformed the Sunday morning public affairs competition, placing first in all categories for the week ending Sunday, July 23, 2006.”

  • Somebody’s In Trouble…

    From yesterday’s briefing:

      MR. SNOW: Hello, welcome. Busy day. Helen, I’d like to see you afterward. No, you’re not in trouble. I just have a favor I’d like to ask.

      Q Why? (Laughter.)

      MR. SNOW: You’ll find out.

      A very busy day here at the White House. The President, as you know –
      Q What is it?

      MR. SNOW: I’m sorry, what?

      Q You might as well tell all of us.

      MR. SNOW: You’ll find out. Life is full of surprises.

    This Week In Pool Reports

    Not going to lie — this was not the best week we have seen. Granted the material didn’t lend itself to the usual antics, so we’ll give kudos for what we did get this week:

  • “Uneventful motorcades there and back to Evermay in Georgetown, where Bush said secret things to a Republican National Committee reception until just before 7 p.m. Event was closed press. Pool held in an adjacent building.” — Julie Mason, Houston Chronicle

  • “‘I’m going to talk to her tomorrow,’ he said, immediately correcting himself to say ‘Sunday.’ A second attempt at the same question produced roughly the same answer, including the reference to ‘tomorrow’ and then to ‘Sunday.’ Spying one pool member, Bush asked whether she had yet turned 60. Finding out that she had not, he said reaching 60 was ‘not that bad.’” — Jim Gerstenzang, Los Angeles Times

  • “OK — there was one question, just to wrap up your G8 coverage, snuck in by Kelly as everyone was being hustled out: ‘How was the herring?’ To which Bush replied: ‘Good one. Have you ever tried it?’” — Todd J. Gillman, Dallas Morning News

  • “Bush mentioned recently meeting one of the three soldiers, Noe Santos-Dilone, at the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast. He said the soldier accosted him on the ropeline about becoming a U.S. citizen. ‘Here is a man who knows how to take it directly to the top,’ Bush said. — Mason

  • “You most likely have the gaggle transcript, so, a minimalist pool report that won’t waste your time with what has become the customary pool report drivel.” — Gerstenzang

  • “Event was open for correspondents but attendance was taken and these notes are to help you — you know who you are.” — Mason

  • Hitchens: An Inspiration

    Christopher Hitchens, we’ve got some good news and some bad news.

    The good news is, you’re the inspiration for a character in Woody Allen’s new flick “Scoop,” about a cub reporter (Scarlett Johansson (who would certainly make the Hot List, we assure you).

    The bad news? According to Editor and Publisher, actor Ian McShane rumpled older reporter character physically on “the man he calls ‘the old British hack,’ Christopher Hitchens.”

    Briefing Room Update

    From WHCA President Steve Scully:



    Please note with a change in the President’s schedule (departing for Crawford on

    Thursday, August 3rd), there is a slight change in our move schedule to Jackson Place.

    Briefing room workspace will remain operational until 6pm on Friday, August 4th however, the briefing chairs will be removed starting MID-AFTERNOON Thursday, August 3rd

    Move out DAYS to Jackson Place will now be Friday, August 4th, Saturday, August 5th and Sunday, August 6th

    There will be limited access to Jackson Place starting next week, July 31st, primarily for the networks to begin testing telco and fiber lines

    You MUST bring your own chairs to Jackson Place. Desks will be provided, but chairs for this temporary space is YOUR responsibility
    The storage cabinets for cameras, tripods and other equipment in the West Wing will NOT be moving to Jackson Place.

    All your equipment/ office supplies/ desks/ chairs NOT removed by Monday morning, August 7th will be considered junk and will be taken out during the demolition phase of the project

    Additional details on security procedures at Jackson Place & The White House will be forthcoming, once we receive specifics from USSS.
    The temporary trailer for the traveling pool is now in place, located adjacent to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. There is also a smaller trailer for lower press personnel.

    PLEASE NOTE: This trailer is for the POOL only, as well as a location for correspondents, producers and camera/ audio operators doing live shots at Stonehenge to have emergency shelter in case of inclement whether. Space in this trailer is VERY LIMITED !! We will be monitoring this closely to make sure that only those who need to be in the trailer are there. Otherwise, you need to use the Jackson Place workspace

    Will keep you all posted as further information becomes available.

    Another Times Expose?

    An anonymous tipster alerts us to the fact that The Nation’s Max Blumenthal is doing an article on The Washington Times. Anyone got more details? Will he shed more light on some of the comments made by George Archibald, which we reported a while back?

    Poll of the Day, 07.28.06

    Poll Recap:

    You think that…

    …the Washington Post has the best congressional coverage.

    E.J. Dionne is cute and fuzzier than David Brooks.

    …”Losing my Virginity” is your favorite Laura Sessions Stepp article.

    you’re hot.

    Today’s Poll:

    How’s It Going Interns?

    We’re going to steal an idea from our cousin TVNewser.

    We want to know how all of the various interns working in DC’s news organizations feel about their summer internship. How do you like it? Do you hate it? Why? Do you like DC? Who’s making your life a living hell? Who’s nice? What’s the best/worst part of your job?

    Send your Intern Tales to I won’t print your name or e-mail. For complete anonymity, use the anonymous tip box, located on the upper right side of this page. (I’ll have no idea who you are.) Former interns, we want to hear your stories, too!