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Archives: November 2007

CBS Seeks Enviro-Reporter, Knowledge of Environment Not Required

In a job posting that’s curious at best and a bad PR gaffe at worst, CBS News has a job posting on JournalismJobs for an eco-reporter position, but the job description states, ‘Knowledge of the enviro beat is a big plus, but not a requirement.’ They do, however, want you to be but must be ‘funny, irreverent and hip, oozing enthusiasm and creative energy.’

That sound you hear is the conservative blogosphere pulling out its hair.

Hat tip: The EPW’s Minority Blog.

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Happy Hour

Elisabeth Bumiller’s ‘Tell Me Something I Don’t Know’ Tells You Something She Didn’t Know

What you’ll hear from The New York Times’ Elizabeth Bumiller on Sunday’s ‘The Chris Matthews Show’:

    Last week on this show, I made a mistake and said there were no women elected to statewide office in Iowa or Mississippi. Alert viewers have informed me I was wrong and they were right. In fact, there have been a number of women who were elected to statewide office in Iowa and Mississippi, and in Iowa back in 1932, there was a woman secretary of state; in 1990 there was a woman attorney general in Iowa. … No female members of Congress have ever come from Iowa or Mississippi.

Breaking News Bloopers

Yesterday,1:38 PM:

    Breaking News from


Yesterday, 2:06 PM:

    Breaking News from


Save Tucker: An Update

From (via Inside Cable News):

    The Friends of Tucker website at has generated 1,000’s of emails to MSNBC Executives telling them to Save Tucker.

    But it is not enough to save the best commentator on MSNBC today! Reportedly, Tucker’s ratings are on the rise, but we must urge our friends, family members, business associates and other like-minded viewers who enjoy Tucker Carlson and the perspective, wit and incisiveness that he brings to MSNBC.

    Please act today to urge as many people as possible to go to and send MSNBC Executives a message by forwarding this information to those who agree with us.

And, from TVNewser: “Also, insiders tell TVNewser there won’t be a decision about the show’s fate anytime soon. Without anything (or anyone) to replace the 6pmET program, no move, is probably the wise move.”

Date Lab Doesn’t Even End In Facebook Friendship

The latest edition of Date Lab was apparently so awkward that it didn’t even end in a Facebook friendship:

    UPDATE: Timothy sent Megan a friend request on Facebook, but Megan didn’t reply. She says she gave him her e-mail address, “but I’m not comfortable with being in touch with him through Facebook. There’s a lot of personal information [there], and technically he’s still a stranger.”

Needless to say, this doesn’t meet our requirement for a successful date, so that brings the total of successful dates to 27 out of 73, or just under 37 percent.

Is Taibbi Full Of It?

Some reporters on the campaign trail think that this snippet from Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi is a load of b.s.:

    They’re living the high life when they’re on the trail, they’re mostly staying in five-star hotels. They get these delicious catered meals served to them four or five times a day. You get chocolates on your pillow, you get the best musicians in the city coming out to play for you everywhere you go. It’s like a big summer camp, like a big field trip.

Campaign reporters: What do you think? Email us.

Sunday Show Preview

  • Meet the Press: Sen. Jim Webb and a roundtable with CBN’s David Brody, NBC’s David Gregory, NPR’s Michele Norris, and Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson.

  • Face the Nation : John McCain, Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson and Obama strategist David Axelrod.

  • Fox News Sunday: Karl Rove and Rep. Chris Van Hollen , Fred Smith, Founder, Chairman, President & CEO of FedEx; Director of the National Gallery of Art, Earl “Rusty” Powell and a panel with Fred Barnes, Mara Liasson, Bill Kristol and Nina Easton.

  • This Week: Mike Huckabee. The roundtable consists of New York Times’ Elisabeth Bumiller, Nation’s Katrina vanden Heuvel, Wall Street Journal’s Peggy Noonan and George Will.

  • Late Edition: Sens. Chris Dodd, Arlen Specter and Carl Levin, Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno, Commander of the Multi-National Corps- Iraq, Fareed Zakaria, editor, Newsweek International and CNN’s Jeff Toobin and Jessica Yellin.

  • C-SPAN’s Newsmakers: TBA

  • Chris Matthews Show: Andrew Sullivan of Atlantic magazine; Gloria Borger of CNN; John Heilemann of New York magazine; and Elisabeth Bumiller of The New York Times.

  • Bloomberg’s Political Capital with Al Hunt: Bill Richardson.

  • Tim Russert: Steve Martin

  • Reliable Sources: Blanquita Cullum, Radio America talk show host; Keli Goff, political analyst and blogger; Gregory Lee, senior assistant sports editor, The Boston Globe and Michael Wilbon, sports columnist, The Washington Post.

  • Reporters Start The Lamest Fights

    American Reporter Editor John Shea starts a messy scene at Wednesday’s YouTube debate.

    (SoupCans, via Wonkette)

    Howard Kurtz Reaches Facebook Milestone

    Howard Kurtz managed to pass the 1,000 Friend milestone this week, adding 45 friends over the last two weeks to bring is total to 1,023.

    He also had several status updates, which include:

      Howard is YouTubing his way through the debate.

      Howard is trudging through the snows of New Hampshire. Actually slushy rain.

      Howard is eating pizza in Brooklyn.

      Howard is playing with his new BlackBerry, which could be more addictive than the old BlackBerry.

    If you’d like to become Howard’s friend, click here.

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